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5 Years Compagnie M. – All paper patterns for the price of a digital one: 7euro!

By 29/03/2018Blog

5 years Compagnie M. That’s something we need to celebrate! I really can’t imagine that I’ve started blogging 5 years ago. So many things have changed since my first blogpost. It’s so funny to read this again. Not really professional at all. See what I mean? A lot has changed. Not only my sewing & pattern designing skills…


To celebrate our 5th anniversary we will stunt! All paper pattern for the price of the digital ones! So only 7 euro for a pattern pattern. You read this well! Just for 2 weeks during easter holidays, so hurry up if you want to make your Compagnie M. collection complete… I don’t think we will repeat type of discount soon!

UPDATE : Thanks for all your kind messages and your support ! We have extended our birthday offer for another week in case you missed it..

This action will end by the 22nd of April (midnight CET + 1 timezone).


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