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A girl never has too many dresses: We love Louisa!

Thank you for checking out my “Compagnie-M sewing competition Louisa dress” :)
I would like to share with you some facts.

1. First of all, this is a week of ‘firsts’:

  • I launched my very first own blog this week
  • It is the first time ever that I enter a sewing competition

2. Secondly, I absolutely love the Louisa-dress pattern. It is very clean and classy, I enjoy the sewing process and my daughter Eloise looks great in it.
I bought the pattern before the Dutch version was launched, which made it a tad more difficult when I started sewing the first dress, but hey, we made it :)

3. Thirdly, the dress I am going to show you is not my first Louisa-dress creation. In the meantime I created a Louisa dress for every season as a demonstration of its versatility, but as I’m really longing for Summer to arrive, I’m going to show you my Summertime Louisa. I really hope you enjoy it!
The fabric is Petit Pan, combined with home-made paspel and Petit Pan buttons, and a blind zipper.

Love, Annick


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