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A jacket… for myself!

Today I’m guest posting at ‘While she was sleeping’ from my blogfriend Jenya! The you & me series she organised, made me realise that I actually never sew for myself… So I took some selfish sewing time and ta-daa! Today you can see the result on Jenya’s blog, but also here. I combined the jacket I made in two ways: a more romantic style (that I show at While you were sleeping) and a casual chique style that you can see below…

Compagnie-M_jacket 7

More details about the jackets on While she was sleeping. I combined it here with a pair of jeans and a CKS shirt. Add some boots and I feel like a fish in the sea… Totally my style!

Compagnie-M_jacket 8
Compagnie-M_jacket 14
Compagnie-M_jacket 12
Compagnie-M_jacket 13
Compagnie-M_jacket 10
Compagnie-M_jacket 9
Compagnie-M_jacket 17
Compagnie-M_jacket 15
Compagnie-M_jacket 16
Compagnie-M_jacket 18

A teaser picture of the more romantic combination! Want to see more: hop over to while she was sleeping!

Compagnie-M_jacket 4

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