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A Julia/Louisa sweaterdress with capuchon and zipper

Hello everyone, I’m Veerle and I’m very happy to present my entry to the contest of Compagnie M.

 The category ‘Pattern hack’ challenged me to aim for a next level of sewing. I usually follow the instructions that come with the pattern very accurately. This contest forced me to leave my comfort zone and add a personal touch to existing patterns.

 I combined the patterns of the Julia sweater and the skirt of the Louisa dress to create a comfortable sweaterdress. I added a capuchon and a zipper in the front panel. As you can tell from the photos my daughter is very excited about her new dress!

 On my blog you can find out more about the making of the dress.

 I hope you all like my dress!



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  • Anita Prins says:

    It’s so nice to see how everybody gives his twist to one pattern. We both made a Julia dress, but they are so different! Great job!

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