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A little backpack for Flora

Friends of us gave birth to a little girl named Flora! At the same time Bjorn became godfather for the first time in his life… Two reasons to make something special for Flora.
Since Flora already has a big sister, the parents didn’t had special wishes for a present…. So I though about making something in advance. Something she wouldn’t need immediately but this way I would also be sure that nobody else bought the same thing: her first little backpack. That was the plan.
Lisa and Nore have the cutest backpacks ever! Especially Lisa’s mouse backpack is very beautiful… So I decided to knock it off. Good plan, if you never made a backpack before and don’t have a pattern to work with. Why do I always have this crazy ideas? 

I’ve chosen a mix of fabrics: brown, grey, prints with pink, purple and grey again. A good project to give left overs a second life! The mouse’s ‘head’ and the front pocket are lined with the same fabric. I’ve used this fabric in my very first blogpost ever! A small yellow leather cord & a pink-purple zipper. Some striped straps. Nice effect to use the fabric in this direction… and a Moda fabric to finish the inside. I was just having doubts about the eyes! I don’t know if I like the yellow buttons? What do you think? Any suggestions are welcome!

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