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A little bit crazy?

A few weeks weeks ago I made my denim Swing skirt and the ‘flipped culottes’. Stupid me: I choose a size 4 because my first though was that Nore & Lisa already have enough clothes… But then you finish your creations and you don’t have a girl around to fit them. So I was looking for some one to help me. That’s when Marta left this comment: ‘Fun, fun! I have a 4 year old but, unfortunately, we live very far away…’  Far away? Not at all. Sending the package to Portugal is a piece of cake. An envelop, some stamps and off you go!  Three weeks later the package arrived! Marta and her girls are excited, I am too. Marta just got the time to take some iPhone pics, but I think the pictures and her girl look gorgeous. You should read her post about the skirt. It’s just so nice and sweet.


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