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Horrisanddeedle – A Mara blouse….a must sew even in Winter

By 16/08/2014Mara-contest

G-day from down under everyone! I’m Marnie, I live in Sydney Australia and I blog over at
I’m excited to be a part of this tour and have been following along seeing all of the beautiful creations. I’ve also been looking at all that Northern Hemisphere sunshine with great envy. The world can’t turn fast enough for me at the moment. I loathe winter and cannot wait until it is our turn for summer.
I had big plans of completely changing this pattern to make something really unique, and once it came time to cut and sew, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I like the pattern so much that I wanted to just make it exactly how it comes.
I have a 2 year old daughter named Zoe that I sew for. After a couple of boys, I love having a girl to sew for. She has a few dresses for the upcoming summer, but what she really needed was some tops, so I made the blouse length. Zoe’s measurements were right on the size 2, so I made the size 2.
I had to make a pink blouse because Zoe is pink crazy at the moment. everything she goes past, she yells “PINK. MY FAVOURITE COLOUR IS PINK” at the absolute top of her lungs. She chose this fabric because it is pink and has foxes, so I decided to use it, because at least Zoe would be happy to wear it. I added some grey mini pom poms as trim. IMG_9196
The Mara blouse is a really sweet little pattern. In a world that seems to cross between over the top frills, and clothing that it just way too grown up for little girls to wear, I love the simplicity of this pattern. It really allows you to create something for the girl in your life that brings the innocence back into clothing.
The pattern itself is really straightforward. The instructions are fabulous and walk you though every step – and the end result is so cute. I mean who doesn’t love pin tucks? Trims are easy to add, and once again, the pattern instructions explain where to add them. You also get options with this pattern – 3 different lengths and three different sleeve lengths and types as well. I could have made something more seasonally appropriate for the cold with this pattern, but we really only have about two more weeks of winter, and spring is usually quite warm here, so I didn’t want to make something that would only be worn for a couple of weeks.
I found the sizing to be spot on – a perfect fit and I love the result. I see many more years of Mara blouses ahead in our future! Pretty sure Zoe agrees.
Just a quick note – I was offered this pattern for free as part of the Mara tour, but I already owned it. I have been a silent stalker of Marte’s for sometime – I love her patterns and happily paid for this little pattern quite sometime ago. Thanks for reading and following along on the tour!

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  • Nat says:

    Love the pom pom detail!

  • Jenya says:

    oh, only two more weeks of winter – bliss! We have a few weeks of coldn weather ahead of us still here in Vic… Although it starts to warm up in Sept. Love your version of the Mara :) I love it when kids get involved in the process.

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