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A new pattern & GA winner!

To celebrate my 2.000 Facebook likes I wanted to do something special: not just giving away a pattern, but a hand made dress! A dress that still has to be released… But to be honest with you: this dress was only just in my mind and I didn’t had it sewn yet (at the time I posted the contest). So when I saw  the number of likes approaching that magical number, I though it was time to bring this ‘imaginary dress’ to life. After drawing one evening and sewing the next one, the dress was finished: the Lotta dress was born. I was not the only person happy with the result. When Lisa saw it for the first time she had 3 questions: Can I try it on? Can we take pictures? Can I also wear it for school? YES, YES, YES!! She was so cute and enthusiastic. Just like me (I have to admit).

Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 7
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 6
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 5

At the end this was a very quick sewing project, but to me it’s a ‘less is more dress’. A basic bodice, with some cap sleeves and a folded collar, that is actually the lining of the dress… Two button and finished? Not quiet yet! I still have 4 options that I want to examine to add some unique pockets. No compagnie M. pattern without pockets anymore! So more dresses will be shown here the coming weeks. That’s for sure!

Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 10
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 8
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 9

But the good thing is: I’m back. After the launch of the Louisa dress, I got overwhelmed. Didn’t know how to move on. Being afraid that anything I would present would not be ‘good enough’. That’s also why it took me so long to finalise the Julia sweater pattern. But finally after a couple of months, that feeling has disappeared! Hooray. I got a little bit reorganised, the blog meeting gave me boost, met some other pattern designers,… A fresh start! Hope you like the result?

Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 4
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 2
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 1
Compagnie-M_Lotta_dress 3

And last but not least: of course one of my next versions will be a gift for the person that has won my contest! Congrats Sofie Ketelslegers! You’ve won my handmade dress… Can you send me your email address? Thanks!


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