A new pattern: the Lila dress!

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Do you know Sylvia from Lily & Woody? I met her the  first time at one of my very first workshops ever. This was her first baby Louisa dress that we graded together to a smaller size about 2 years ago! In October she send me a super sweet email. ‘I have a crazy proposal she wrote to me. I would love to grade my own jersey dress pattern to more sizes and would love to do this together with you. Do you feel like launching a pattern together?’ This is what I wrote back to her: my enthusiasm says YES, my planning says NO. ;) I was developing the Louisa for women in this period, so you can imagine that my days were kind of overloaded already. But after sewing 7 Louisa muslins I did want a 2nd challenge. Hmmm….. So we planned a first little meeting one week later and after a couple of hours  it was decided: every Thursday we would work on the Lila dress pattern!  Sylvia could ‘convince’ me easily because it’s difficult to find beautiful jersey baby dress sewing patterns. I couldn’t believe it in the beginning, but she’s absolutely right!

I drew the Lila pattern from scratch. Based on the Compagnie M. sizing chart. A new chart in fact as the pattern includes 7 new sizes. From newborn till 2yo. Sylvia and I made about 10 Lila creations in total to end up with perfect instruction pictures with 5 totally different models in total! You’ll see more pictures of our co-project this week and next week. On the 4th of January we’ll launch the pattern together. As a PDF and on paper. The pattern includes many many options that we will reveal soon!

Compagnie-M_Lily_Woody_Lila_dress_basic_version_blackandwhite 5


What I can already tell you: the dress is super comfy and easy to sew. It included no zippers. You can easily pull this dress over your baby’s head. It will include several bodice and skirt options. Of course we added some pockets too. No Compagnie M. pattern without pockets. And last but not least we drew a harem jumpsuit. Not a regular bodysuit, but a baggy version. One that is super cute on girls and boys!

Now head over to Lily & Woody for more information and pictures! We’ll meet up again in about 2 hours to make more pictures of the other dresses. We hope you’ll like our new pattern. :)


Sylvia: I would like to thank you for the great cooperation and of course for asking me for this project in the first place!!  I never ever worked together with some one else for Compagnie M. (except with Bjorn of course)and I love a new vibe. Working together with you is just great. We didn’t need a lot of works to understand each other. I loved every stages of the development process: drawing the basic pattern together & adding my own interpretation, which was more difficult then I thought it would be as I always start designing my own patterns from scratch. I enjoyed picking all the fabrics together, working really hard every Thursday. It was a rush sometimes, but one with a great vibe. I even enjoyed our fast lunches, sitting at my daughter’s school bank! Hihi. Now I can take ‘working together with Sylvia’ off the agenda, as the pattern is ready. But I’m sure we’ll miss you!

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