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A pair of Charles shorts!

We had a great holiday! Before it started I thought we would never be able to ‘survive’ with the 2 girls at home for 2 months! This was their first summer holiday you know… That’s why we planned to go to Romania for a looooong time and I’m glad we did. After we came back, the sun seemed to forget to shine. I’m happy that I could still take these summer style pictures with Nore and her new Charles shorts. :)

Compagnie-M_charles_pants_shorts 6

I used an old pair of pants so make this super flashy Charles! Since I made this Louisa dress, I love to combine colourful fabrics with grey. I used the same trick here.

Compagnie-M_charles_pants_shorts 2
Compagnie-M_charles_pants_shorts 4

As I was afraid that this ‘test version’ of the Charles shorts would turn out too small, I used kamsnaps to close it. This way the overlap was smaller ar the front! But at the end it turned out to be perfect.

Compagnie-M_charles_pants_shorts 5

I finished the hem of the shorts like I did before. I love the very small extra detail a lot. I’ll add this as an option, but also a larger hem band will be included in the pattern as well…

Compagnie-M_charles_pants_shorts 3

Crazy Nore! I don’t know if you noticed, but she never wants to take pictures with me anymore. :( Such a pity because she can be very amusing!

Compagnie-M_charles_pants_shorts 1

If you’re not convinced yet that the Charles shorts ( & pants & dungaree) is the perfect pattern to play… This picture does! :) Hopefully I can show you the dungarees option later this week! The pattern is in progress and I guess it will be ready to test in about 2 weeks time… Hooray!

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