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A story about… magic!

By Tuesday,18 February,2014Blog, Dress

Did you ever sew clothes that didn’t fit at the end? A while ago I had sewn this Mambo dress. Can you still remember this one? Sadly it just didn’t fit! Too small…


I still love this dress a lot. Never worn! I already passed it on to Debora so her smallest ‘toertje‘ could try it. But without success. So what do you do with a dress that doesn’t fit? My first idea was to just give it away! Looking for a small 3yo girl seemed like the only solution. So for the last time, I wanted to be sure that I could ‘throw’ this dress on the ‘too small stash’. Nore tried this dress on for a last time and you never believe what happened! It fitted perfectly! Her baby belly had disappeared and it’s just seemed like this dress was drawn specially for her! It was like magic!

Compagnie-M_Mambo_dress_homemade_mini_couture 3
Compagnie-M_Mambo_dress_homemade_mini_couture 1

When I look back at my own work: I would have matched the print at the back, when I’d sew this dress now… But that’s a detail, right?

Compagnie-M_Mambo_dress_homemade_mini_couture 2
Compagnie-M_Mambo_dress_homemade_mini_couture 4

Nore is so happy with her ‘new dress’! I took these pictures after a day at school, so it was a little bit too dark already to have perfectly sharp pictures… But I just felt like sharing this fantastic story with you!

Compagnie-M_Mambo_dress_homemade_mini_couture 5

A short question to end with: what do you do with your handmade clothes that are too small? I have a box full at the moment…


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