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Abilmente: a great experience!

By 21/10/2014Blog

I can’t tell you how tired and satisfied I am…. As you probably now, from Thursday till Sunday I was present with Compagnie M. at Abilmente, Vicenze, Italy. Never thought that the invitation from Gioia, the Italian blogger behind Dotta Sews would lead to such a fun experience!

Compagnie-M Vicenza Impressions 006
Compagnie-M Vicenza Impressions 008

When it comes to sewing, Italy is in every way different from Belgium. Italians are very creative with quilting and patchwork, but a lot of them just don’t know that next to Burda, there is this online world of blogs and Indie Designers like me… We build our very first stand ever and then did our very best to convince people to try a Compagnie M. pattern. Not easy, because we really had to change the mindset of (some) people, but also because I don’t speak one decent word of Italian! What was I thinking?;)

Compagnie-M Vicenza Impressions 007
Compagnie-M Vicenza Impressions 004

I had about 20 models with me to show people all my patterns and the several options. The colorful stand full of kid’s clothes seemed to attract a lot of Italians. Not only those that know how to sew, but also a lot of people just stopped and watched. Touching my models, turning them inside out and then saying: bellisimo! Young, old, with our without sewing machine: people seemed to like my style. I was so touched by their honesty and positivism!

Compagnie-M_Abilmente 2

The same counts for all people I met there: what a great bunch of people! In total we were a group of 9 bloggers. I had the chance to meet Gioia (Dotta Sews), Annika (Näh-Connection), Eléonore (Deer&Doe), Anna, Sasha, Marie (Aime comme Marie), Silvia and Pauline (Pauline Alice). You never know it advance how it will turn out when you put 9 bloggers together, but after 4 days, I had the feeling that I knew all of them already for a long time. I can’t think of enough superlatives to express the atmosphere!Every one was really helpful and so sweet. When I was stuck with my Italian knowledge, I could rely on the Italian bloggers, Annika made 4 Compagnie M. garments to show the possibilities of my patterns and with the other pattern designers (Eléonore, Pauline, Marie) we just exchanged ideas / tips and trick for the future. No feeling of competition at all. All just working really really hard to do what we love most: drawing sewing patterns!

Compagnie-M_Abilmente 1

With a glass of Prosecco and mixed feelings, we had to say goodbye to each other on Sunday evening! I truly hope that I will meet every one of them again one way or the other!

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