Am I crazy? That’s the question…

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Whenever I can, I try to select special fabrics. I like to sew with fabrics that you can’t find everywhere or I try to select fabrics that you might not buy in the first place, but like a lot when it’s turned into a garment, like the Susanne.



I think this bouclé sweater fabric from Destoffenkamer can be categorised in that last section. When you look at this pictures on the website, you can’t imagine what the fabric will look like in real life. On the other hand, when you have the chance to touch it, see it, … it turns out to be really special. In a positive sense.



That’s why I immediately spotted a Susanne in this special ‘sweater fabric’ as Helena describes it. To me this fabric more has the feeling of a stretch knit fabric. I don’t know a perfect description to be honest… ;)



It was Helena herself that advised me to use brown bias tape, so I did.



I was crazy enough to attach the bias tape by hand. I know… I’m crazy… From time to time. But as I didn’t trust myself and I wanted to have a perfect result for the photoshoot, I went for the slow, perfect and safe option. And of course afterwards i’m super happy with the result.



During the test event, I tried to persuade this super sweet lady to do the same and I almost could. ;) But probably it’s just me, being foolish enough to hand stitch whenever I can.


For this photoshoot we went to the MIAT museun in Ghent. It’s a great place to see old weaving machines producing small fabric batches. The noise is terrifying, but as a fabric lover I’m super interested in the technique. If you ever have the chance to visit this museum, you should. :)



And one last detail I wanted to share with you. In my last screen printing workshop I added the small gingko detail on my 2nd hand jeans skirt. I will love it soo much. Makes this basic skirt a tad more special.

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