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And the winners are ….

Compagnie M. turned two and I got the best present ever to celebrate this joyful event with you. 374 stunning creations have been entered in the contest. Far more than I could have ever hoped for. This is the icing on the cake for any pattern designer. I draw the pattern and I leave the rest to you. Your interpretation of my work is just so inspiring. That’s why I would like to thank you for the last 2 wonderful years in my life. No Compagnie M. without you. What do you think? Shall we add another 2? ;)

Now back to the contest. I was counting votes yesterday and in comparison to last year’s contest, this time the professional jury was really unanimous. I can announce 9 winners in total. Although I tried to create more prize packs this year, I now have the feeling: ONLY 9 out of 374?!?! So if you didn’t win a prize in this contest, keep in mind that the best reward ever is the achievement of a great handmade garment.

In the plain & simple category, these are the winners:


1st place: Laurence Lebon with ‘wedding bells’


2nd place: Veerle Van Der Straten with ‘Leni meets Louisa


3rd place: Suzan De Kogel with ‘color blocked Ileana dress


In the mix & match category, I have some great winners too:

1st place: Karolien Van Riel with ‘Indian summer


2nd place: Nina Auchil with ‘Louisa in the sky


3rd place: Karen Seghers with ‘Een Swileana, gemixt en gematcht


And the pattern hack catgory was my personal favourite one, as I love it when people hack my patterns:

1st place: With love by Eva with ‘Ileana cape and Louisa-Lotta-Ileana dress


2nd place: Liesbet Rommens with ‘Julia-hack: batwing sweater


3rd place: Mieke Jansen with ‘a dress and a Louisa bag


Congratulations to all of you! You’ve inspired all of us! (I will contact all of you next week on how to claim your prize. First we are enjoying a small break. )

And now I would like to take my time to thank every one that supported the contest in one way or the other. First of all: the sponsors! No contest without prize packs and this year the total value of the prize was so high, that I got the chance to create 3 categories! THANKS a lot for your generosity! I truly hope that you enjoyed the contest too.

Of course I can’t forget the jury: some of the sponsors were part of the jury and some of them are highly respected European bloggers. I would like to thanks all the jury members for this extremely difficult task!! Going through 374 took a couple of hours of their time. If I can ever do something to help you: just let me know. I owe you!

I did it before, but I do it again: thanks a lot to everyone that participated in the contest. I was and am blown away. Such a great bunch of unique garments. My to-sew-list has grown a lot! I will contact some of you in person, since I would love to write some tutorials to make your interpretation available for everyone. We will keep the contest blog available for every one and would love to make a small online magazine soon…

And last but not least, I think the man behind the scenes deserves a big thank you. Bjorn is the man. He’s the one that posted all 374 blogposts! He was the one struggling, when I was ill, lying on the couch. But he did it!

What do you think? Shall I organize a new contest next year? Note down in you agenda: 1st of October 2016! I hope we have a date? ;)

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  • Leen says:

    Supermooie selectie! Proficiat aan de winnaars!

  • Sofie says:

    De creaties van Laurence waren ook mijn favoriet !

  • Suzanne says:

    Ik ben bijna van m’n stoel gevallen van verbazing…..ik heb prijs!!! Ik ben superblij! Heel erg bedankt!

  • delphine says:

    Proficiat aan de winnaars!
    Volgend jaar staat genoteerd 😉

  • MultiVroon says:

    Jammer voor mij ;), maar bedankt voor de leuke wedstrijd en gefeliciteerd voor de winnaars! Er staan ook een paar van mijn favorieten tussen :)

  • la montagna incantata says:

    SUPER proficiat aan de winnaars! Echt verdiend!! Het was fijn om mee te doen, en dat zal ik volgend jaar ook doen! Zooo leuk! Goed georganiseerde wedstrijd, en welverdiende winnaars!! Alle deelnemers hebben me enorm veel inspiratie gegeven en dus kan ik nog even verder met de projecten :-) ! Doe zo verder!!

  • Dorothée says:

    Proficiat aan de winnaars! Geniet maar van de leuke prijzen :)!

  • Dorothée says:

    Bedankt Suzanne superlief van jou! Jij hebt je prijs dubbel en dik verdiend :)!

  • Barbara says:

    Het moet inderdaad moeilijk kiezen geweest zijn, met al die prachtige inzendingen!! De winnaars hebben dat zeker en vast verdiend! Bedankt voor de wedstrijd en de tonnen inspiratie die we daardoor konden opdoen!! En proficiat aan de winnaars!!!

  • thao says:

    Congrats to all the winners. It wouldn’t have been an easy task with so many entries for the judges to review. Thanks to our wonderful host, sponsors and judges. Look forward to next year

  • I am so so so happy and surprised that my creation won the 1st prize! Thanks to everyone! I really liked the contest, as well as the voting-jury-system. Thanks Marte and Bjorn and jury and sponsors to get everything organised!

  • elke says:

    Van harte gefeliciteerd aan alle winnaars, allemaal zeer zeker verdiend! Dank je wel voor de tonnen ideeën die we konden opdoen!!!
    En proficiat met het organiseren en in goede banen leiden van een wedstrijd die zo’n proporties aan nam. Dit jaar was moeilijk voor mij qua tijdnood om deel te nemen, maar in 2016 doe ik héél graag mee!

  • Een dikke proficiat aan alke winnaars! Ook een enorme dank-je-wel aan de organisatie! Ik zou zeggen: blijf vooral veel patronen maken want deze zijn superleuk en mooi van stijl! Het was super om te mogen deelnemen en volgend jaar zal ik weer proberen. Bedankt iedereen voor de inspiratie en tot volgend jaar!

  • WeeChOO says:

    Thank YOU Marte for organizing the contest. That was nice to take part in it. Have a good rest now…

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