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Another Mara blouse… but look at the sleeves!

Finalising the Mara blouse pattern, means sewing to optimise the last details. Besides the butterfly sleeves, I’m experimenting with some other options… This is the first result of my experiment! 

Some flutter sleeves give the Mara blouse a totally different look. When I first saw the result I was doubting to only keep this option and skip the butterfly sleeves, but probably I’ll just include several ones.  The long sleeves are the next step! I saw a beautiful picture on Pinterest that even adds long sleeves underneath this ones. I think I’ll give it a go tomorrow! The fabric is another ‘great floral design’ fabric without a brand mentioned! No flowers this time, but some nice blue polka dots. I made the piping and the bias binding myself. Actually that was the very first time I did this! So easy if you don’t have the right colour in your closet…

For Nore I made a dress version! But that’s for… tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. We’ll see! No stress.

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