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Art Gallery series: Lara + 15% discount on AG fabrics at 1000Stoff

By 19/05/2016Blog

I love Lara‘s little story about tailored dresses and fabric prints! ;) But I’m especially pleased to read that the Louisa dress pattern was spot on for her. That’s the biggest compliment a pattern designer can get. Thanks a lot Lara for this colourful Louisa dress. I love it!


Gosh, this was a big challenge. Sewing a new dress pattern for the first time is always a little adventure. And this one does not belong to the one-size-fits-most category of dresses. On the opposite, it is meant to follow the shapes of the body neatly. Means either it fits or it looks awful.


But this was not all. The fabric was given, it was sponsored by Art Galley fabrics. Don´t get me wrong, I was enthusiastic about the sponsorship, I love the fabric design and I really love Art Gallery fabrics. Thank you so much dear Marte for all your energy and engagement!


But I would never have chosen a colorful pattern in pink, turquoise and purple for a dress for myself. Even the same pattern in seven shades of grey would have meant a big challenge for me. Most of the times I choose solid colors for the clothes I am wearing (like here please link to .

But so what, no risk no fun – I went for it and I love it!


As the amount of fabric was not enough for an adults size I decided to combine it with dark grey cotton paper touch and neon piping in between. The matching solid fabric from art gallery turned into a big bag, a perfect team for summer 2016.


Except from getting rid of the little sleeves I did not change anything on the pattern. It fits perfect without any adjustments. When I tried it on for the first time I could not believe it. I worked with some extra seam allowance just in case, but I had to trim the extra cm in the end.


It is elegant and relaxed at the same time. Next time I will try a longer version, a kind of maxi dress maybe with slits at both sides and without the kangaroo pocket.


Dear Marte, thank you so much for asking me into your contributors team. This project reminded me of one important thing: It is always worth taking new challenges!

Pattern: Louisa Dress for Women, Compagnie M.
Material: Art Gallery cotton and grey cotton

1000stoff  has a lot of Art gallery fabrics (jerseys and cotton) on offer. With the codeword „Compagnie M.“ in your message you get a 10% discount on any Art Gallery fabric at until May, 22nd. I am looking forward to seeing you there and be invited to visit!

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