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Art Gallery series: my creation

By 22/05/2016Blog

Ever since Mariepaule made this dress, I wanted to sew one myself. It’s a mix of my Lotta skirt pattern with the straps of the Charles pants. Oh I’m so in love with the combination! At the front the flap is replaced by two straight straps. Easy peasy to make!


But now that I finally finished the project I have mixed feelings about the dress. The fit is perfect as long as my girls stans straight. From the moment they sit down, the straps fall of their shoulders. :(


So if you feel like considering making this Lotta skirt, please take my advise and add the front flap of the Charles as well… ( I will add some hand stitches to this one and the t-shirt to solve the problem in the meanwhile.)


If you own the Lotta skirt & Charles pants pattern, you can make this one yourself. The only thing you need to do is:

  1. Follow the instructions of the adult lotta with the zipper at the side seam (you may request this instructions for free if you don’t have this version.)
  2. Before adding the facing back waistband of the skirt you have to sew the dungarees part and place it RST in between both waistband pieces. Right in the middle.
  3. I didn’t even take the effort to make real button holes. Maybe because I’m not convinced that this is the perfect button for this project. What do you think?


I love the combination of the Art Gallery fabrics a lot. Such beautiful palette!


While Nore was at a B-day party, I took Lisa with me to the fair. We had such a lovely time. I took these pictures with my new phone since I didn’t want to take my big camera along. I hope they’re acceptable?


I would like to take my time to thank Art Gallery for sponsoring our series. It’s been a great pleasure to work with your fabrics. Same goes for the contributors! Thanks a lot ladies for all the inspiration. You’re the best!



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