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Art Gallery series: Sofie!

By 20/05/2016Blog

Oh Sofie! She did it again. The Ileana dress is I guess one of her favourite patterns. She used it several times and as always it’s finished perfectly. Look at all the piping. Perfection! Thanks a lot Sofie for these summer time pictures. You’re girl looks so cute! What a beautiful smile. :)


Summer triangels! So here we are again! Part two of the blog tour with Compagnie M. This time around we all got the same fabric from Art Gallery, pink or green. I waited anxiously for the mailman to arrive and when he finally did, i couldn’t wait to get started.


I chose pink for safety reasons. I have three princesses you see and any garment without pink is not a garment, so I’m told regularly. The same goes for shoes without glitter. Anyhow, we could sew and make whatever we wanted.


I didn’t step much out of my comfort zone (not much of a daredevil) and made another Ileana dress for Aure, my youngest daughter. I cut the front part, turned the triangles and added piping. The skirt has pockets (triangle ones) and a Peter Pan collar. Out of some white bias I made a ribbon and some loops on the side so it wouldn’t fall out.


The dress has been called ‘the circus dress’ on numerous occasions. I had to prevent Aure several times from wearing it to school. She simply loves it!


The pictures were taken during the few days of pre-summer and I’m longing for it again. My bike is all set and so are the children. So summer, come out and play!


Enjoy the pictures.


Big thanks again to Marte. And thank you to Nathalie too for correcting my mistakes while writing :-)


Ps. For the concerned animal lovers amongst you all, the rabbits are really fine now. They were desperately in need for a bigger cage/playpen. The thing is, they seem to grow while you look.

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