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Art Gallery series: Soumya

By 18/05/2016Blog

Soumya loves bright colours. No wonder that she made this super sunny outfit for her daughter. I love it so so much. This is for me the typical ‘Soumya style’. A super bright outfit that matches so beautiful with her lovely daughter! Thanks a lot Soumya for the sunshine on this not so sunny day! (In Belgium! ) ;)


When Marte said that we would work with Art Gallery fabrics for this blogpost, I was obviously super excited! We all know that Art Gallery makes some of the prettiest fabrics around, right? And having used them before, I knew to expect only the best. I was conjuring up a dozen ideas for what I would make with this particular set of fabrics; but when I actually set sight on them I knew exactly what they were meant to be – the Lotta skirt..


..and an Ileana shirt.


I have always liked the Ileana dress pattern, especially it’s cute bodice styling. Since I didn’t want to make yet another dress for V, I chose to make a shirt out of the pattern. I had a lot of fun making all those changes and learning a ton on the way!

…like finishing the arm holes with bias strips


…adding a back yoke to the bodice


…sewing a curved hem and finishing it with a bias strip


…adding a shoulder patch


…and of course, converting the faux button placket to an actual working one!


You can read more about how I made these changes here.

I like that the outfit can be dressed up..


…or dressed down, depending on how you wear the shirt.


I also absolutely love the iridescent quality of the two fabrics; put this outfit out under sunlight and my, it’s beautiful!


There is a just a gorgeous interplay of light and color happening every time!


With the skirt I didn’t really make any changes; it’s such a pretty pattern by itself (Did I tell you yet that I have a weakness for those adorable little pocket flaps?!) And the fit was bang on! I didn’t have to use any buttonhole elastic for this one.


Thankfully, Marte has some good instructions for sewing on the invisible zipper for the skirt. Nothing quite like that to give an outfit a neat and professional finish.


Thanks to Art Gallery and Marte, I got an opportunity to sew something very different from my usual style. I am glad I tried something new because now I love it! Hopefully you like it too :)

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