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Ayashe blouse

By 03/06/2013Blog, Blouse

Time to show you a Figgy’s pattern I’ve sewn last week. I’m really in love with the patterns on this cute little website. So I bought the Ayashe blouse and the Sunki dress patterns…. After buying the patterns I was sooo excited to make the blouse first. I found the perfect fabric at the Handmade in Belgium fair last week. It’s a fabric from Koning Uil but I don’t see a brand mentioned… To be honest: it a fabulous fabric: it’s a very light weighted cotton so that the reason I decided to still make this blouse with long sleeves for this summer.

When I was sewing the blouse I got a little disappointed. The patterns is really nice, but the collar didn’t seem to fit 100% so I adjusted the model a little bit. And the neck opening is too small. Not nice to see this at the end when you’re about to let the children try the blouse on…
And the instructions are not the best I’ve ever used. Especially the part about adding the collar is not clear at all. I just used my own experience to finish the blouse, but from time to time, I just want to follow instructions without too much thinking.

Sorry to be so negative, but I also thought the skirt pattern would be included. This is the case on the paper version, but not in my e-pattern. So another disappointment. A part of the skirt pattern is still in my PDF file and the skirt is also displayed on the preview on the website. But at the end I didn’t realised it was just for the paper pattern, after purchasing my digital version. I really hope the Sunki dress will be a bigger success! Feel free to share your experience, if you made this blouse before!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Ik wens je succes met de sunki dress, want ook daar vond ik de instructies absoluut niet duidelijk. Vooral de zakken was een ramp bij mij. Ik blijf dus nog even volgen.

    Groetjes Florence

    • Marte Lambin says:

      Oei, meen je het? Ik was zo blij dat ik die patronen had aangekocht, maar ik krijg er stilaan een dubbel gevoel bij… Want eigenlijk zijn de mouwen voor mijn meisjes ook wat smal enzovoort. Ik sta een beetje versteld dat zo’n mooi merk er niet in slaagt om zijn uitstraling waar te maken. Wordt dus inderdaad vervolgd met de Sunki dress. Ben benieuwd!

  • S*fie says:

    jammer, maar gelukkig maakte je er toch nog iets moois van!

  • Sorry, you struggled with the pattern. I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t really say anything. The end result is simply gorgeous though!

  • Emma Mona says:

    Jammer, inderdaad, want voor ik de tekst had gelezen, dacht ik WAUW.
    Ik heb de stof gevoeld en ze is inderdaad perfect voor een bloesje als dit.

  • Heather says:

    Sorry the pattern wasn’t what you expected. :( But thank you so much for your honest review, I really appreciate those. You certainly turned it into a beautiful garment!!

  • Mamma Nene says:

    I’ve never tried this pattern, but I often find confusing instructions… (oxymoron?)
    Tx for sharing, your blouse is fabulous!!!

  • I don’t think I’ve ever read even a little negative review of a pattern in this blog land, even though I am certain of certain problems with some of the patterns. So I do thank you for your honest opinion, it I’d Very appreciated!!

    As to the stand up collar, I have sewn a Burda Style blouse a few times now and have the same problem with the collar never fitting right, the fact that the collar and the neck opening have opposite curves definitely has to do something with it, but that’s why good instructions are so impotent and necessary!

  • Honora says:

    I’ve had the same experience using PDF patterns. Sometimes the directions start out amazing, and then die. Other people just have awful directions, and some wonderful directions. I have not had the article not being included in the pattern yet. I’m sure if you wrote to them they would be willing to send you the skirt additionally.

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