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When I saw the ‘Pattern Hack’ category in the contest, I was really excited to make something for it. It would be an interesting challenge! So when I set out to make my very first Julia for my little girl, I saw it as a great opportunity to ‘hack’. 

When the weather gets cooler, my daughter seeks out her hoodies. And since the Julia is certainly going to be worn very often, especially in this season, I thought a hoodie would be a useful addition. 

So that’s what I made! A Julia with a hoodie :) And to make it more fun for my little girl to wear, I added two little bison ears to it :) The bison (buffalo) is after all my girl’s favorite animal so far! 

I was lucky to find some delicious Lillestoff fabric on sale, that too with bisons all over it! A dream come true for my sweetheart! And now it works like a mini-Halloween costume too! 

I was little anxious when sewing this as it’s only the second time that I am working with knits, but the Julia pattern is so exceedingly easy and simple that anyone can do it!

Go Julia!

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Thank you!

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