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Bethioua for men

By Friday,13 May,2016Blog

A while ago I started redrawing the Bethioua sweater for Bjorn. I love the design of this sweater (for women) a lot, but since I was not the person in need of new sweaters I wanted to sew one for Bjorn in stead.

Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men3

When I received these two amazing fabrics by Nosh Organics, I knew that they would be perfect for this project. Sewing adventures with amazing fabrics you receive is always a risk but please read further to see how it turned out!

Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men6
Maybe a small ‘changes dossier’ like she calls it: At first I measured the chest circumference of a sweater that fits him perfectly well. This one! For the same circumference on the Behtioua¬†I had to start from a size 42 to obtain a men’s size M. I took the curved side seams out, made it straight in stead and adjusted the sweater’s length. From the armpit I redrew the sleeve too. Actually I kind of copied the bottom part of the sleeve from the Finnlayson sweater to the Bethioua. This way I could also recycle the cuffs that Bjorn likes a lot. Same goes for the¬†waistband.

Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men1

Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men2

Bjorn didn’t like the curved back detail so I took it out. Making this seam straight was easy. What you take away from the bottom back panel, you add the the top one. Makes sense right?

Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men4

Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men5

Bjorn is really happy with his new sweater, especially with the fit. I only think the neckline is a bit too wide (something I will change in a new version). He will surely get a new Bethouia soon! After redrawing practically the whole pattern, I’ll make him at least three! ;)

Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men7

Posing is not Bjorn’s favourite activity, so he just started reading a book and 5 minutes later this was the result. We hope you like it!Compagnie-M_Bethouia for men8


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