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Big blog action!

By 06/06/2014Blog

I’m organising a big blog action in July! Do you have a blog and feel like receiving more details? Just subscribe HERE. If I select your blog, you will receive an email with more information on Monday!

Everyone with a blog can apply: I’m looking for a good mix of big & small blogs from all over the world!

I would like to keep this action secret, so if you receive more details on Monday, please keep the info for yourself! Sssstttt!! ;)

secret-actionWhen you subscribe to the list, you did not subscribe to  participate yet. You just informed me that you are excited and would like to receive more information. In a second round, you can still decide whether you like the idea or not! But I can assure you: it will be fun! And you’ll receive something! Mysterious, right!? ;)

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