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Birthday dresses &rooms!

By 16/02/2014Blog, Dress

Already for a long time, we were hoping to find time to give Lisa & Nore new (and separate) bedrooms. So this 3rd B-day was the best excuse to finally make time for the big move! So last Tuesday, we brought the children to school and our goal was to surprise them with new rooms by the time they got home! And we succeeded  in our assignments! New rooms & happy girls were a fact at the end of the day!

In this post I’m just showing you some pictures of both rooms and Lisa & Nore in there B-day dress after their day at school. Some impressions I would love to share with you…

Room & dress for Nore

From sewing room to Nore’s room. Mixed feelings during the move but so happy with the result!

Do you see that dress on our vintage clothes hanger? She couldn’t wear it last year (when I made it) but now that her baby belly disappeared, it does fit! I was on the point of giving it away as a present when I asked her to try this dress again! What a lovely surprise that it fitted now!! Hopefully summer enters Belgium soon…

Nore was really enjoying discovering her own room! The new bed was such a wonderful surprise. Together with her father she had so much fun pretending to sleep! Sweet dreams princess!

Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 16
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 13
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 15 
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 2
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 4
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 3
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 8
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 7

Room & dress for Lisa

Princess Lisa (I’m not allowed to call her just Lisa) stayed in the ‘old bedroom’. But of course it also deserved a total make over. And not only her room changed! Lisa got a new haircut this week and I think she looks even cuter then before! The new Amélie Poulain…

Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 12
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 14
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 6
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 5
Compagnie-M_new_bedrooms_dresses 1


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  • Marleen De Vriese says:

    Heel tof! En inderdaad een superschattige “coupe” voor Lisa ! Nu kan je ze wat beter uit elkaar houden ;-)
    Slapen ze vannacht voor het eerst apart?

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Nee, de blogpost is een beetje na datum! Dit was eigenlijk dinsdag al… Ze gaan nu wel lekker vlotjes slapen. Hopelijk kunnen we daar nog een tijdje van genieten!

  • Evy Vancattendijck says:

    Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, de schattigste 3 jaar jonge tweelingmeisjes ever! Wat een dotjes!
    De kamertjes zijn heel tof gedaan, en de jurkjes zijn prachtig!

  • Carin says:

    The rooms looks great. The dresses fits perfect and both are beautiful!

  • Sigrid says:

    Wat leuk dat ze nu ieder een heerlijke kamer hebben. Hier hebben we helaas de ruimte niet om ze apart te kunnen laten slapen. Al wil onze tweeling dat ook beslist niet; ze hebben nog nooit zonder elkaar geslapen, ze missen elkaar ook echt als ze alleen zijn.

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Oh ik zou dat zo geweldig vinden moesten die van ons wat meer aan elkaar hangen. Hier is het vaak water en vuur!

  • Preethi says:

    Very cute room for a very cute kid.

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