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Bubble Pocket Shorts flipped to dungaree

For ‘Flip this pattern’ hosted by Frances Suzanne I flipped the Bubble Pocket Shorts from Elegance & Elephants to a dungaree! And guess what: Heidi gave me the permission to make a tutorial based on her pair of shorts and to share the extra back part pattern with you. So if you feel like flipping this shorts into a dungaree: buy E&E’s Bubble Pockets Shorts pattern for only 9 dollar HERE and request the extra pattern part (all sizes) drawn by me HERE. The full tutorial is on my ‘tutorial page’. A new page on my blog, that I’ll be feeding with some basic tutorials but also with some add on tutorials like this one. Update: this tutorial is not available anymore.

Personally, I love dungarees. It’s just a kids-thing and because I saw others really flipping the Bubble Pockets Shorts for Flip the pattern, I just felt like making a second pair of shorts.

I started from the sailor style Bubble Shorts and changed 3 things:

1. I replaced the bubble pockets to normal flat ones.
2. I extended the centre front part.
3. I drew an extra pattern piece for the dungaree back part.

For this dungarees I used an old pair of pants, so that’s why my pockets are a little bit lower and I had to turn the fabric to cut them and the leg cuffs. I didn’t take a picture of the pants before I started, but this is what’s left of it… Hope you like my flipped creation? If you doubt about buying the E&E pattern to make this pair of dungarees: just treat yourself because this is really my favourite pattern ever!

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