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Call for pattern testers: the vintage dress

The question is simple! Who would like to become a pattern tester for the vintage dress? I would like to have 1 tester per size and the dress will be launched in sizes 1y – 10y (including 18 months).

I will have the test pattern ready by Monday the 18th of November, but I would love to have feedback by Sunday the 24th. I know that’s a short deadline, so please only apply if you can sew the dress in that particular week.
A small but important note: the test pattern is the version WITHOUT seam allowances! The final pattern will have a version with and a version without seam allowances like all my other patterns.

The only way to apply is by filling out this form. Don’t forget to confirm your application on the message send to your mailbox.

I changed one minor thing on the application form: if you like, you can fill out two sizes on this new form. But you don’t have too, it’s an option.

All the testers will receive the final pattern when it’s launched. And if you’re version is stunning, I might ask you to present your dress in the pattern tour. If you have a blog of course.
Thanks in advance for your help! And last but not least: did I already tell you that the sleeve options from the Mara blouse pattern will also fit this dress and the other way around! That’s what I like about launching more patterns… In the future you will be able to mix and match one pattern with another!

I almost forgot one of the most important things: the measuring table! Please check the measurements of your girl before applying. It’s really important…


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