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Roller skate dress

Sewing an Oliver & S pattern was already for a long time on my todo list and when I saw the discount code at FrancesSuzanne for the Roller Skate Dress, that gave me the right impulse to buy my first…
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Mambo dress

I bought this very beautiful Belgian sewing book 'homemade minicouture' a while ago, but didn't really used it yet because the patterns start at the size of 3. This book is divided in two parts: one for boys and one for…
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Bubble skirt

The bubble skirt by Straight Grain was already for such a long time on my todo list. I love the simplicity of the design and yet it's such a special cute skirt! I was thinking of changing the skirt a little…
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BlogGive away

Vintage fabric give away

Just to thank you, my dear readers, I feel like giving away one meter of vintage fabric from my personal fabric stash! I hope you like to win his one? The perfect fabric to make my shirt pattern, when it's released.…
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BlogMara blouse

My own shirt pattern!

Because I was so disappointed, when making the Ayashe Blouse, I decided to draw my own shirt pattern. Of course I don't want to make a copy, but my own little creation... Yesterday I drew a lot of basic blocks because…
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Liebster Award

Two days ago 'the wardrobe surgeon' left this comment on my blog: I nominated you for a blogging award. Thanks a lot to nominate me! But what is this Liebster Blog Award about?  "The Liebster Blog Award is an award…
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Bubble shorts by E&E

Today is a special day for me: I  have my first guest post over at Heidi's beautiful blog Elegance & Elephants! So first of all I would like to thank Heidi for giving me this great opportunity. I’m sooo happy to get…
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BlogContestStella skirt

Fairytale Stella Skirt

When I made my first version of the Stella Skirt, I immediately though: I have to make this skirt with two different fabrics to show the asymmetry of the pattern better. Today I want to show you my 'fairytale version' of this skirt. I…
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Ayashe blouse

Time to show you a Figgy's pattern I've sewn last week. I'm really in love with the patterns on this cute little website. So I bought the Ayashe blouse and the Sunki dress patterns.... After buying the patterns I was sooo…
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Playsuit nr2!

Last week I made a second version of my first playsuit, but I didn't have time to show you the pictures yet... I felt like adjusting the pattern a little bit so I made a very simple version in IKEA…
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