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More winners today!

Today I'm announcing the sew-along winners! Difficult choices we had to make these days, but this is the final result! I guess the 3 winners show the versatility of the pattern. Thanks ladies for so much creativity! 1st Prize: Bobby Minouch…
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BlogMara blouse

Back to the roots: recap!

The Mara blogtour & sew along have ended! What a great tour! I enjoyed it so much: I've been looking at all creations several times already. Didn't expect so many totally different Mara blouses to be honest... Hope you all got…
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Herz-lieb – My new love

Dear lovely readers, i'm annelie from the german blog "herz-lieb". i'm very happy to be a part of marte's big mara blouse blog action. its very interesting how different the other mara's are. so beautiful, so simple, so colorful. my…
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Sewpony pattern swap!

Suz from Sewpony is one of my favourite bloggers all time. You probably already notices that? Her first pattern 'Debbie's birthday dress' was on my to-do-list for a long time, but not anymore! When Suz asked me to do a pattern swap during KCW,…
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Give away tour

Today I'm announcing a big 'prelaunch give away'. What? A big away, but a special one. You can win the Mara blouse pattern here and on 14 other places in blogland the coming week. Before the pattern is even launched! And that's…
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Last Mara dress option!

Today I'm glad to show you my last Mara dress option. Sewn to much 'Mara's' in a short period of time so I'm ready to move to a next project!  This dress includes a flutter sleeve + long sleeves option. I…
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BlogMara blouse

Mara dress version 1

After my pattern test, some seamstresses gave me the hint to make a dress version of my Mara blouse. Not a challenge if you ask me, because it's just a matter of extending the bottom seam and finished! To make it…
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BlogMara blouse

Another Mara blouse… but look at the sleeves!

Finalising the Mara blouse pattern, means sewing to optimise the last details. Besides the butterfly sleeves, I'm experimenting with some other options... This is the first result of my experiment!    Some flutter sleeves give the Mara blouse a totally different look. When I first saw…
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