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Compagnie M. patterns

The Julia sweater sewing pattern for kids, teens and adults by Compagnie M. #compagniemBlogJulia sweater

The Julia sweater for women #6

Today I gave my first workshop in Ghent at Liesellove's place! With 7 enthusiastic workshoppers and the sweetest host ever, I had a great time. I'll show you the beautiful creations later on Facebook, but first I would love to…
Compagnie M.
The Julia sweater sewing pattern by Compagnie for kids, teens and adults.BlogJulia sweater

The Julia sweater for women #4

Today I'm showing a new collar for the Julia sweater. At first I wanted to keep the same collar as the children's version, but during the test Erika started experimenting with a new wider collar that everyone loved! That's why in…
Compagnie M.
BlogLouisa dress

The Louisa dress: for myself!

Although I'm in the final stage of developing the Julia sweater pattern, I couldn't resist experimenting with the Louisa dress! When Katelijne from Mondepot asked me to sew with her fabrics for a professional photo shoot, I just knew that I…
Compagnie M.
The Julia sweater by Compagnie M. - sewing pattern for kids and adultsBlogJulia sweater

The Julia sweater for women #1

In September I've sewn my first Julia sweater with a fabric from Bambiblauw! When Lieselot saw me at the La Maison Victor fair, she asked me whether this fabric would be interesting for sewing my adult version of the Julia pattern.…
Compagnie M.
BlogJulia sweater

Julia with style!

For the Abilmente fair I've sewn two Julia sweaters that I didn't show you yet. I can sew faster then I blog! Especially when it comes to sewing Julia sweaters. :) One hour and a couple of nice fabrics is…
Compagnie M.
BlogCharles' pants

Pattern tour Charles day 6

More Charles gorgeousness over at Les jardins d'Elysse today. She made a pair of short and two dungarees. She's totally into the Charles pants, I guess! This picture was one of the first I received from my testers and made…
Compagnie M.
BlogCharles' pants

Pattern tour Charles day 5

Nina was one of my Mara blouse action winners. Since then I admire her work. I love her fabric combinations and her photographical skills a lot. Her girl always looks so happy! Since the pattern didn't change a lot after…
Compagnie M.
BlogCharles' pants

Pattern tour Charles day 2!

Today I'm announcing Debora from Toertjes & Pateekes and Maarika from Liivi & Liivi! Two testers that show the Charles they've sewn in the first round. So actually I did make some minor changes after these were sewn. I make…
Compagnie M.
dungarees, kids overall, charles pantsBlogCharles' pants

Project Run & Play: week 1

Today I'm presenting my first Project Run & Play outfit! Hope you'll like it!? When I received the ‘80s cartoons theme, I started digging into my memories. I can remember that my sister and I got our very first Gameboy…
Compagnie M.