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Charles dungarees: slim fit option!

dungarees, kids overall, charles pants

The Charles pants / short / dungarees project became a long term project. I think I made my first trial version of the dungarees option already in april! Today, I can finally show you the final dungarees that will be included in the Charles pattern. I simplified the back a little bit and changed the overal fit. These dungarees is the slim fit option. Too slim for Lisa already because she and Nore have grown A LOT the last months… I kept working with the same pattern but my girls are in the meanwhile 104cm tall. That’s why these dungarees are already a little bit too small and too short but I will keep those as an example for the fair in Italy! I just squeezed her in to show you these pictures! :)

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 4
Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 3

A small story about the fabric I used: since I was getting tired of making denim pants (I have another one that I didn’t blog yet!) and wanted you show you some winter versions of the Charles pattern, I first made these pants.  Then I posted this question on Facbeook: ‘I’m looking for an original fabric (not jeans!) for my last version of the dungarees I’m launching! I would love to make a boys’ version. Any idea? Would be perfect when the fabric is for sale in a Belgian webshop…. Thanks a lot!’ That very same evening (about one hour later) Leentje came to my place for a sew date and this is the fabric she brought for me. I don’t have to explain to you, that I was super happy with this beauty! I had this matching in my closet waiting to be combined with Leentjes fabric! Problem solved. Thanks again Leentje! You’re such a sweet person! This fabric is one of my favourite fabrics ever. :)

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 7

Enjoy the pictures! Lisa was super cute with her (too small) dungarees! What a pity, but I’m sure I will make her a new one soon. I guess I’ll use a pink fabric. Hope that’s gonna turn out ok!?

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 2

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 1

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 6

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 5

A small practical question for my English speaking followers: I keep having doubts on how to call this garment: is dungarees / dungarees ok? I’m also struggling with ‘this dungarees’ or ‘these dungarees’. Hope that there is at least one person reading my blog that can help me!? Thanks!


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  • Sharon says:

    One would refer to them as “these dungarees” as it’s in a plural form. Hope that helps. They’re called dungarees in British English, and are more commonly known as ‘overalls’ in America. Hope that helps :)

  • Miet says:

    Prachtig! Die wil ik ook direct proberen! Toevallig nog geen workshop in ‘t verschiet (region Mechelen – Antwerpen? ;-)

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Ik dacht dat er eentje kwam in Sint-Niklaas bij Pand 42. Moet Joke eens dringend contacteren! Hop: op de to-dolijst! M

  • Heather Laura Clarke says:

    Agree with Sharon! In Canada we’d say “these overalls.” But we totally know what dungarees are — and it’s a much cuter word. Would love to see a boys pattern! These are adorable.

  • zalig stofje, jammer dat hij wat te klein is!
    Maar misschien is dit juist hip, nee? :-)

  • Nat says:

    Superleuke versie! Wat voor soort stof is het juist? Ik kijk zo uit naar je nieuwe Charles patroon!

  • Jane says:

    These are adorable!! CAn’t wait for the pattern, I think my son will love them! We do usually call them overalls here in the US…but older generations, like my grandmother used to call them dungarees…(and these dungarees would be correct) I like dungarees personally. I think it pays omage to their “vintage” feel …plus it goes along with their fun and free childlike goodness. But that’s just me, maybe!

  • ornella says:

    In Italian we call them “salopette”. You can be useful to know for the fair! ;)

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Oh thanks! That’s exactly the same as in Dutch! Will you come to the fair or do you live too far away? M

      • ornella says:

        I live in Florence, but I know that every year there is a bus of “DIY addicted” girls that goes from Florence to Vicenza! :)

  • Echt knap, ik ben verliefd op deze slim fit versie…

  • Leentje says:

    Dat is nog altijd heel graag gedaan! Lisa is inderdaad superschattig met deze salopette, ze ik ook heel mooi met die kleuren! Maar roze zal ongetwijfeld ook in de smaak vallen :-)

  • Anke says:

    Echt een héél mooi patroon! Ik zie ons ‘oudste’ al lopen….

  • Inder says:

    Oh, now these are CUTE!! Yes, overalls and dungarees are always plural, like a “pair of pants” or “pants” is always plural. Apparently it’s because they have two legs? Very strange, right? Anyway, “these dungarees are adorable and I plan to make a pair for each of my children.” :-)

  • WOW
    total süss und ich hoffe, Du bringst den Schnitt schnell raus, bräuchte ihn allerdings in Gr. 140

  • Ana Sofia says:

    Soo cute!
    I can see my two younger kids (a boy and a girl) wearing matching versions of these dungarees :)
    Looking forward for the release soon <3

  • Traveller says:

    I LOVE this pattern! They are exactly like the overalls I had as a kid and I’ve been looking for a similar pattern for the small people in my life. I think calling them “dungarees” is charming and suits the pattern but maybe try to keep the word “overalls” in there somewhere for search engines to find. I’ll admit I’ve never been sure exactly what dungarees are… I thought they were just pants that weren’t made of denim! I speak Canadian English and I was searching “kids overalls pattern” on google just last week! So glad I checked in! I just made a Mara blouse that is so sweet and my four-year-old niece loves it. :)

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