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Charles dungarees: slim fit option!

By Thursday,11 September,2014Blog, Charles' pants
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The Charles pants / short / dungarees project became a long term project. I think I made my first trial version of the dungarees option already in april! Today, I can finally show you the final dungarees that will be included in the Charles pattern. I simplified the back a little bit and changed the overal fit. These dungarees is the slim fit option. Too slim for Lisa already because she and Nore have grown A LOT the last months… I kept working with the same pattern but my girls are in the meanwhile 104cm tall. That’s why these dungarees are already a little bit too small and too short but I will keep those as an example for the fair in Italy! I just squeezed her in to show you these pictures! :)

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 4
Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 3

A small story about the fabric I used: since I was getting tired of making denim pants (I have another one that I didn’t blog yet!) and wanted you show you some winter versions of the Charles pattern, I first made these pants.  Then I posted this question on Facbeook: ‘I’m looking for an original fabric (not jeans!) for my last version of the dungarees I’m launching! I would love to make a boys’ version. Any idea? Would be perfect when the fabric is for sale in a Belgian webshop…. Thanks a lot!’ That very same evening (about one hour later) Leentje came to my place for a sew date and this is the fabric she brought for me. I don’t have to explain to you, that I was super happy with this beauty! I had this matching in my closet waiting to be combined with Leentjes fabric! Problem solved. Thanks again Leentje! You’re such a sweet person! This fabric is one of my favourite fabrics ever. :)

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 7

Enjoy the pictures! Lisa was super cute with her (too small) dungarees! What a pity, but I’m sure I will make her a new one soon. I guess I’ll use a pink fabric. Hope that’s gonna turn out ok!?

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 2

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 1

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 6

Compagnie-M_charles_dungarees_slim fit 5

A small practical question for my English speaking followers: I keep having doubts on how to call this garment: is dungarees / dungarees ok? I’m also struggling with ‘this dungarees’ or ‘these dungarees’. Hope that there is at least one person reading my blog that can help me!? Thanks!



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