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I couldn’t find beautiful 2nd hand coats for my girls, so I decided to buy them.. I know! I promised myself not to buy new clothes this year and I did very well up till now, but on the other hand I didn’t want to stress myself with making to many clothes too. You know how it goes: you always think: I can easily make this myself. But in the end I just don’t always have enough time.


So after buying one beautiful coat, I couldn’t find a 2nd one I liked as much. So sewing a Noë coat was the ‘only option’ in the end. After reading this blogpost I just loved to try this pattern one day. Only when I started sewing, I realised that I had to draw the lining myself, but the instructions to do so are really clear. And I learned a new way to beautifully finish the lining! Something that’s useful because I plan to start drawing my own winter coat pattern soon. A project that was on my todo list for ages and after making two coats, I finally feel ready to tackle this one.


Back to the Noë now. I bought this beautiful coat fabric at Pauli in Leuven. It’s just a great shop. Whenever I go to Leuven, visiting Pauli is on the planning. I can never visit this shop without buying several fabrics. I think this one was in my stash for more than a year. It’s really special and Lisa’s favourite colour. So you can imagine that she was super happy when she got to fit this coat for the first time.


Actually it was me that didn’t like the fit in the end. I missed a wide A-line shape. Some room to play for my girl. So I added 2 triangles at the side seams and a small detail. This way, you can think that it was part of the original pattern. Now I love the shape much more!

I also cut away the extra flap to cover the zipper. I love how the pattern is designed, but I’m sure my girl would be to lazy to close it. So I just skipped it!


Adding the lining was a piece of cake in the end. Technically it’s constructed in a different way from my coat. I still have to decide which finishing I love most. But one think is for sure: I don’t want to finish my own coat pattern just by top stitching the hem to close it.


The lining fabric was in my closet for a long long time. I bought it at the fabric market in Berlin and actually used it before!


To pimp my Noë coat, I added a small flower. It only takes 5 minutes to make this one and it makes a coat a tad more special! I took some instruction pictures for you. A small tutorial will be added soon. :)


When Lisa saw that her coat was ready, she immediately wanted to take pictures. The clothes she was wearing that day, matched perfectly with the turquoise! Beautiful colours on a sunny day! The skirt is handmade too by the way. A simple gathered skirt with a fabric I bought from this super sweet lady.


The perfect weather to pick some flowers in our ‘wild’ garden! You have to set priorities, right?





Sewing some extra clothes for my girls, writing new tutorials, adjusting the website and enjoying the beginning of the summer period are my priorities at the moment! What projects do you have on your to-sew list? Love to hear from you!

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