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Compagnie and co

By Monday,22 February,2016Blog

This evening you can explore a new concept here at Compagnie M. Compagnie & co!!! Ever since I launched my first pattern, I always have the feeling that I can’t keep up with blogging. It’s just so intense to be an indie pattern designer. Sometimes too intense to blog as often as I want to. That’s why I’ve asked 5 talented ladies to contribute to my blog. Compagnie & co is a new concept that will pop-up on my blog every month.

What’s the idea? I selected 5 bloggers that I appreciate a lot. Bloggers that participated in my contest and didn’t win a prize, but are really inspiring. For the coming 5 months (till June) these seamstresses will show you their talent. contributors-winter---spring-2016

  • Dorothée – Noortjeprullemie (BE)
  • Lara – 1000 stoff (DE)
  • Isabelle – a naais ID (BE)
  • Soumy – a little paper boat (US)
  • Sofie – Sollewol (BE)
  • Marte – Compagnie M. (BE): I will participate too! A good way to make me sew my own designs again. Something I should do more often!

Dorothée – Noortjeprullemie (BE)

Dorothée’s style is unique! She made this amazing Louisa dress for the contest that turned out to be one of my favourite Compagnie M. hacks ever! I love the fabrics she picks, the pictures, her sweet little girl,… I just love everything about her blog. She works a lot with Belgian patterns, something that makes me feel proud every time she turned one of my patterns into an amazing garment for her girl.

Go to her blog or check her contest participations!


Lara – 1000 stoff (DE)

From her blog you can tell that Lara is a special person. She likes to give any pattern a special touch. By the fabrics she used, by adding details like piping,… I love the Julia she made for the contest a lot. Not only the fabric, but the extra piping and pictures.


If I’d live in Berlin I’m sure I’d visit her shop often. I love her fabric selection a lot!

Go to her blog or check her contest participation!

Isabelle – a naais ID (BE)

Isabelle is a relatively new blogger, but one with a lot of talent! She loves a vintage touch as much as I do. I love her pictures and her contest participations were amazing! She definitely convinced me that she’s one of the best new bloggers in town.


Go to her blog or check her contest participations!

Soumya – a little paper boat (US)

Soumya was one of those participants in my contest that turned a smile on my face several times! Her creations are super cute, just like her girl. The pictures are inspiring and funny. I love her style. It’s different from mine, but that’s what I like about her blog. She might push me to selecting fabrics that I would never combine with my patterns myself.


Go to her blog or check her contest participations!

Sofie – Sollewol (BE)

Sofie is a super sweet person. Next to Isabelle she is the only contributor that I m
et in real life. She has a lot of children (I don’t know the exact number, but I know it’s impressive. :) My best guess is 6….) And she has a twin, just like me. That always makes you feel connected in some way.

She participated in the contest several times and I loved every single entry! And of course you can tell that the pictures are so inspiring too. Great work Sofie!

sollewol ileana

Go to her blog or check her contest participations!

I hope to welcome you again on my blog this evening as Isabelle will kick-off the first contributors week with some amazing creations. Stay tuned!


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