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Compagnie M. contest FAQ’s

By 01/02/2014Blog, Contest

I’ve launched my contest about a week ago. Since the start I received a lot of questions. Especially on how to participate. Here is a FAQ’s list for the contest. Do you have another question?┬áJust leave a comment and I will update this blogpost to answer them all…


How does it work to upload my project?

  • First of all you have to create an account on the Compagnie M. website. Just go to ‘My Account’.
  • Send an email to ‘’. Do this with the same account/ email address.
  • The text in the subject = the title of your post
  • All text in the mail = the text of your post (you can include a link to your own blog here). Don’t direct this email to me, because everything you write will be published.
  • All pictures in attachment, will appear in the blogpost (max. 4 pictures).
  • All this will happen after my approval. Just to avoid spam…

Am I allowed to add my text in Dutch?

Yes, you can write in Dutch if you don’t feel confident enough to write in English.

Is it an international contest?

Every one is allowed to participate. No matter where you live!

Am I allowed to add projects sewn in the past?

Yes, you just need to upload them before the 16th of February.

Can I sew something with your free patterns?

No, only these pattern are allowed: Mara blouse, Louisa dress, Stella Skirt & Swing Skirt. You can make a ‘flipped creation’ if you like! Just make sure that we still recognise the original pattern.

What If some one from the US wins?

The photo shoot is of course a Belgian price, but I have 5 prices in total. All worth taking part…

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  • tereza says:

    Hi! I have just enroled to your contest, but my friends keep telling me, they are not able to give me “hearts”. You already stopped it? would not it be better to leave one more day for everybody to vote? Or is it a punishment for last minute enroll? Thank you for your answer. T.

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Hi Tereza, you can still vote for 4 days. When your friends don’t see the result, they should empty the ‘cache memory’ of their computers. Of course I’m not punishing last minute entries! That would absolutely not fair… Good luck! M

  • tereza says:

    Thank you!

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