Compagnie M. in the new La Maison Victor + give away!

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I met two nice’ La-Maison-Victor-ladies’ at the ‘Test-aankoop’ event! They asked me whether I was interested in telling my Compagnie M. story in their magazine!? What!??? Of course! A big smile appeared on my face. A first Belgian publication: wohoo! Getting nervous instantly because I knew that an A4 picture of me would be added. So easy to just hide myself behind the kids, but this time it was for real. I’m happy that Dorien made this beautiful picture of me. She was just great! I was really nervous. Don’t like pictures of myself at all you know… ;)

I saw a couple of snapshots already, but this morning I finally had two hardcopies of the magazine. This is the article! It’s in Dutch of course…

Compagnie-M_LMV_publication 1

Compagnie-M_LMV_publication 2

Compagnie-M_LMV_publication 3

Compagnie-M_LMV_publication 4

When you buy the magazine you can get a 10% discount code that’s valid on all my patterns! And I have some more great news. Do you know that La Maison Victor is organising a big event in about 2 weeks time? Are you going! I am!

La Maison Victor event_Page_1

You can win 2 tickets when you leave a comment below before Thursday 12am. I’m going on Saturday! Feel like carpooling from Hove? I have 3 places left in my car so just leave a small comment. No idea how long I will be staying, but just let me know if you feel like joining me!

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