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Compagnie M. turns into Compagnie Marmures

We’re approaching the beginning of the Belgium long summer vacation and together with that a big change will occur for Compagnie M. 

Compagnie M. turns into Compagnie Maramures!
I hear you thinking out loud: Mara…what!? This is how our tourist guide summarises this region: ‘Maramures in northern Romania is one such little know corner of Europe. Amid beautiful rolling hills and lush river valleys live people who for the most part still follow the traditional way of life.’

I’ll just show you some pictures!

Maybe you’re wondering why this ‘vacation announcement’ is worth a special post on my precious little blog? Well: this will be my new working place for a couple of weeks. I’ll be taking my sewing material with me and will go sewing for the Romania children there! I just though it would be nice to help them with making some clothes… 
But sewing for Romanian kids, means I’ll need a lot of fabrics. That’s why I tried to find some sponsors and guess what: I even had to refuse fabrics being offered at the end. We do drive with a big Land Rover, but I could only make a reservation for 3 cases in our car for Compagnie Maramures.
So here is a very special thanks to my sponsors for this project! Thank you Julija’s shop, Georgette, Mirabelle and Klijntje. I could never do this without your support!
To give you an idea, this is a selection of the fabrics I’m taking with me:
No sewing without thread: Ruth from Georgette is my ecological thread supplier! Her web shop is full of ecological fabrics and other supplies. As ecology is very important to me, I love the way she chooses for this ecological materials. When I asked her to sponsor, she couldn’t sleep that night because she just started a couple of months before and of course a start up is always difficult. But this thread is really essential: so thanks for the support!
And last but not least: I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to keep up the tempo of sewing, pattern drawing and blogging like I did until now. I’m not even sure that I will have internet access all the time. I hope I’ll survive! 
So I invited some blogging colleagues to write something specially for you from time to time during this period. This is the list until now: Elegance & Elephants, Frances Suzanne, Straight Grain, Sanae Ishida & Suburbia Soup. Thanks for helping me to keep my blog alive! 
We’ll be leaving by the end of the month. I’m sooo excited about how this will turn out.

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