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Contest 2016: Pattern hack Louisa & Lewis coat: prize packs

By 24/11/2016Blog

Let’s focus on the contest again today. I didn’t make a beautiful overview of the last 3 prize packs yet. Time to change this… now! No wonderful prizes without sponsors, so ket’s thank them all shall we?


+++ 1st Prize +++

Photoshoot by Myra fotografie (BE) (€200)

For the 3rd time in a row Myra is sponsoring our contest. How amazing is that? When I contacted her again I would never dared to hope that she would. Thanks a lot Myra! When you win this prize you get a 30 minutes photoshoot to show your contest creation!

Little note: Myra photography is based in Leuven so if you live abroad the first Belgian winner in this category will receive this prize.

banner-compagnie-mFabric voucher by De Stoffenkamer (€100)

Helena became the new owner of De Stoffenkamer last year and I think we can all confirm that she is such a sweet and enthusiastic person. Whenever you are in Ghent, make sure to pass by her shop. That’s just always such a good idea. ;)

Thanks a lot Helena for sponsoring our contest and congrats with your first pregnancy. We all look forward to meet #babydheedene in real life!


Fabric voucher by Madeline de stoffenmadam (€100)

That Madeline aka Nancy is a power woman we all know. After the fire in her shop in Lier, she fought back really hard and if you see how popular her shop is now, we can only show a lof of respect for her. I even spotted that she will open a new shop at Vilvoorde. How amazing is that? when you win this prize, you receive a 100euro gift voucher for her (web)shop. The webshop is by the way growing too as Nancy’s daughter joined her business and is filing the webshop with a lot of new products!

Madeline de stoffenmadam

Pattern gift card by Compagnie M. (€100)

This is a straight forward prize that doesn’t need an introduction: when you win the 1st prize, you’ll receive a 100euro gift card for our shop.


+++2nd PRIZE +++

Fabric package by Lotte Martens (€150)

I think I don’t need to introduce Lotte Martens anymore? She’s one of the most inspiring Belgian creatives if you ask me. When she launched the textile box last year in cooperation with Le Chaperon Unlimited , she kind of pushed me to make my first little handbag. A project that might be a precedent to my new pattern: a wallet! Yes you read this right. When you follow ma on Instagram, your probably noticed that I will launch a new pattern soon. On the 6th of December! So stay tuned!


Now back to the Lotte Martens prize. She made a beautiful pack specially for you. Who doesn’t want to win this prize? I do!!!


Sewing books pack by Lannoo (€100)

Lannoo is a new sponsor that we welcome in this contest. I think this publisher launches some great creative books, don’t you think? For this contest they made this selection for you: Ons haakboek, ja lap, vraag het aan Singer and ons haakboek. Four great books that will give you the change to be creative for hours!!! Thanks a lot Lannoo. I wish I could keep this prize to myself as I don’t own any od these title yet! ;)


Coat fabric pack by Editex (€50)

My 2nd Louisa coat was sponsored by Editex. When we were walking through their stock together, I just though the grey and ‘old pink’ matched so well. It turned out to be one of my favourite Louisa coats. But in the end we gave it away to the Steffi’s girl that made this flower arrangement. When I now see her daughter walk in this coat, I think it suits her so well!


So when Elien picked this combination for the contest, I was so happy to discover the blue version of the very same lining. Yes! Thanks a lot Editex for sponsoring 3 packs in total!!


Pattern gift card by Compagnie M. (€50)

+++ 3RD PRIZE +++

Fabric voucher by Stof op zolder (€120)

Stof op Zolder is one of my great stockists. When you look at their webshop I’m always amazed to see how many fabrics they have in store. It’s just such a pity that I’m a really bad online shopper. For fabrics anyway! I think there is nothing more exciting that going to a fabric shop and just touching everything. Yes that’s how I shop. Oops! So when Stof op zolder opened their brick and mortar shop, I was so tempted to just drive there… And just like I did when visiting in den Beer, I have to go to Stof op Zolder too! Maybe still this year? Who knows…. It’s only a 1,5 hour drive… one way… By the way: did you already spot that little extra tab on their website? It links to their new website: Clara’s wol that contains a beautiful selection of Rowan yarn. My god: I’m ok to buy yarns online (don’t ask me why) so this might become ‘dangerous’….


Fabric voucher by Urban sew (€50)

Janice from Urban Sew is probably one of those people that follows Compagnie M right from the start. She owns a small family business that sells beautiful cottons, Japanese fabrics and a lot of patterns for children clothes. You should have a look soon again as she will start selling my patterns soon! Hooray! Thanks a lot Janice for sponsoring this prize! :)


Vintage photo box by Polabora

Giovanni & Steve are the men behind Polabora, a company that makes beautiful ‘Polaroid style’ photoprints. A perfect solution for people like me that love Instagram but are too lazy to sort the 1000’s of pictures I have from my girls. Oops! For the contest they sponsor 3 vintage photo boxes which include 100 pictures!!! Thanks a lot guys for the amazing prize!

+++give-away time +++ @polabora is one of our great contest sponsors. Our girls in 14 images! The first person that can guess how many Lisa's and Nore's are here, gets a free PDF pattern!!! Success!!!

Pattern gift card by Compagnie M.

This is a straight forward prize that doesn’t need an introduction: when you win the 1st prize, you’ll receive a 25euro gift card for our shop.

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