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Contest 2016: Plain & simple Louisa coat: prize packs

By 08/11/2016Blog

Today I’m sharing an overview of the great prizes I can give away in the Plan & Simple Louisa coat category. Or shall I say, that I can give away thanks to my fabulous sponsors? I can’t stress enough that I could never organise a contest without their help. So thanks a lot sponsors for your amazing prizes!!!

Let’s focus on the first category today. If you participate in the Plain & Simple Louisa coat category, you can win one of these three amazing prizes.

1st Prize


  • Fabric package
    by Nosh organics (€200)
  • Fabric design workshop
    by Manel Prints (BE) (€175)
  • Pattern gift card
    by Compagnie M. (€100)
  • Fabric package (Wild van stof collection)
    by Wild van stof (€80)

2nd Prize


  • Fabric package
    by Lotte Martens (€140)
  • Fabric voucher
    by Cas en Nina (€100)
  • Coat fabric pack
    by Editex (€50)
  • Pattern gift card
    by Compagnie M. (€50)

3rd Prize


  • Fabric voucher
    by Toverstof (€100)
  • Fabric voucher
    by See you at six (€50)
  • Vintage photo box
    by Polabora (€30)
  • Pattern gift card
    by Compagnie M. (€25)

+++ 1ST PRIZE +++

Fabric package by Nosh Organics

Nosh Organics is one of my favourite fabric brands. Regularly they ask me to promote their new collections and of course if I have time I never ever doubt to participate. Nosh fabrics never disappoint! Although I’m not a good online shopper, I’m always super trouper happy with my new Nosh fabrics. This reminds me that I have several in my personal stash waiting to be used. I hope to share at least one Nosh creation during this contest.

For this prize pack I made a selection for you. I don’t know what happened to me, but I’m kind of in my ‘pink phase’. I’m knitting myself a pink sweater that is almost ready and more often I select this subtle type of pink for my girls too. I hope you like my selection? One thing is for sure: the day I have to send this pack to the winner will be a sad day for me? ;) Even though I know it’s not for me, I just like to watch & touch it! Really. I know, I’m a fabric freak! Thanks a lot Nosh for this amazing prize pack!


Fabric design workshop by Manel Prints (BE)

For the contest I also contacted Olu, the women behind Manel prints. She designs marvellous digital fabrics and since I follow her on social media I noticed that she organises workshops too. For the contest she sponsors a private workshop for the winner and me to design our own digital fabric. She will help us for 3 hours and afterwards she’ll guide us through email to have our fabric printed at a digital printing company like Spoonflower. Personally I think that’s a really original prize… Who doesn’t want to learn some tips & tricks to design your own fabric? I do! So thanks a lot Olu for this amazing prize. I already look forward to the workshop and to meeting you in person!

Note: This prize pack is part of the first prize but since it’s a specific Belgian prize, the first Belgian seamstress ranked in this category will win this prize. So it might be that the person on the 2nd of 3rd prize wins this workshop too. Or even the person on the 4th place when the first 3 winners live abroad….


Pattern gift card to spend in our shop

This is a straight forward prize that doesn’t need an introduction: when you win the 1st prize, you’ll receive a 100euro gift card for our shop.


Fabric pack by Wild van Stof

As you might have noticed, Wild van stof has launched its own fabric collection to pimp your interior. A beautiful collection in several colour schemes that I like a lot!!! Wild van Stof sponsors 2 meter of their amazing new fabrics printed on the ‘Spirit’ quality which is a super soft polyester fabric. Thanks a lot Wild Van Stof for this amazing collection and prize!

Sylvia has sewn this amazing bean bag in the Wild van stof blogtour. Don’t you just love it? Make sure to check her blogpost because she added a free tutorial to make this bean bag yourself. :)


+++ 2ND PRIZE +++

Fabric package by Lotte Martens

That I’m a big fan of Lotte Martens fabrics is not a secret! All creations I made with my Lotte Martens fabrics became favourites like the blouse below. I only wear it on special occasions because I cherish it so much.

Compagnie-M-Lotte-Martens-stoffen 6

For the contest Lotte made 3 prize packs. This first one includes 4 meters of jersey, a special ribbon and a surprise pack. Thanks a lot Lotte for this amazing prize. I love the new collection a lot. Can’t wait to try one of the new jersey Corax fabrics!


Fabric voucher by Cas & Nina

Cas & Nina is one of my dear stockists. Apart from my patterns, she also sells a beautiful collection of fabrics. If you’re looking for a big selection of Lillestoff fabrics, Michael Miller or Robert Kaufman, Cas & Nina is the place to be. From the development of the Lila, she’s sewn several options. Thanks a lot Debora: for being my stockist, a tester from time to time and of course for sponsoring the contest!


Fabric pack by Editex

Recently I was looking for some fabrics for my stand and that’s when I came in contact with Tom & Elien from Editex. A super kind couple that runs this family business since 2013 with a lot of enthusiasm! Only after I visited the head quarters I realised that my precious coat fabric (that I bought at Bobby Sewing last year) was from the Editex collection. So when I asked them if they were interested in sponsoring the contest, Elien made 3 coat fabric packs. In this category you can win the ‘red’ combination. The red fabric is a cooked wool end Elien combined it with a beautiful vintage style cotton fabric. Thanks a lot Editex for sponsoring the contest and for sponsoring the fabrics for these two Louisa coats I made!




Pattern gift card to spend in our shop

This is a straight forward prize that doesn’t need an introduction: when you win the 1st prize, you’ll receive a 50 euro gift card for our shop.

+++ 3RD PRIZE +++

Fabric voucher by Toverstof

Svenja is the sweet women behind Toverstof, one of my stockists. I mostly meet her early in the morning when we are preparing our stands at the ‘Stoffenspektakel’ fairs. Even though she always has to get out of bed really early for these fairs, she’s always smiling. Always! She has a shop in Destelbergen and an onlineshop with a great selection of Michael Miller, Birch and many more fabrics!!!


Fabric voucher by See you at six

Noami is the talented lady behind ‘Soft Cactus’ and this year she surprised us with a new fabric collection called ‘See you at six’. At Bobby Sewing I bought a beautiful rayon fabric from her latest collection and I used it as a lining for my latest Louisa coat. I love the result so much that I think it’s a pity that I used it as a lining. Really! What was I thinking. In fact this fabric had to be a blouse for myself, don’t you think? Thanks a lot Noami for sponsoring my contest again.



Vintage photo box by Polabora 

Giovanni & Steve are the men behind Polabora, a company that makes beautiful ‘Polaroid style’ photoprints. A perfect solution for people like me that love Instagram but are too lazy to sort the 1000’s of pictures I have from my girls. Oops! For the contest they sponsor 3 vintage photo boxes which include 100 pictures!!! Thanks a lot guys for the amazing prize!

polabora_summerbox_2Pattern gift card to spend in our shop

This is a straight forward prize that doesn’t need an introduction: when you win the 1st prize, you’ll receive a 25 euro gift card for our shop.

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