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Contest update! Almost ready to vote!

By Monday,26 October,2015Blog, Contest - 2015

It’s time for a contest update. You might have noticed (or might not ;) ) but the two last days of the contest where…. overwhelming. :) Bjorn is still uploading about 60 projects at the moment and this is how many creations I’ve seen so far:

  • Plain & simple: 161 entries
  • Mix & Match: 45 entries
  • Pattern hack: 83 entries

Tomorrow I will give you the final numbers, but I think we are allowed to say that the contest is more successful than we could have ever dreamt of. THANKS THANKS THANKS! I hoped to have at least 113 entries (like last year) but I guess we will triple this number in the end. I still can’t believe it!!! Bjorn is really focussing to get all your work online and tomorrow at 9am (CET + 1 timezone) we will open the voting round.



This means you and your friends will be able to vote from tomorrow till the 3rd of November çam (CET + 1 timezone). One week to be precise.

How can you vote? You will see a little heart above every blogpost (right upper corner). It’s not there yet if you are looking at the blogposts right now, it will be their tomorrow at about 9am. (We can always run a couple of minutes behind, as it’s a technical matter and you know how it goes with computers… but we’ll do our very best to add the little hearts at 9am sharp. :) )

You can click this heart once / computer or device / creation. You might not see the voting number go up directly as the website page will be added to the cache memory of your computer, but believe me: the hearts will be counted on our website. You can vote one time / creation. So if you like several entires, you can vote several times. (But only once / creation.) Once you’ve voted, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope other people will like your creation. You are of course also allowed to ask your friends and family to help you, but please don’t ask a whole company to vote. Keep this contest as fair as possible. Do you have a blog? Ask people to like their favourite creation, hoping of course that it’s yours!

The public votes count for 20% of the final result. The rest will be decided by the jury! My goodness. I don’t know how they will handle this crazy amount of creations. I do hope they got the chance already to have a look at the entries added so far.

If we don’t have a tie, I will make the result public as soon as I have the result. Promised! This means I would love to reveal the winners on the 3rd of November in the afternoon. In case of a tie, we will need more time to organise a 2nd voting round (only for the professional jury). In this case, I hope to make the winners public by Friday 6th of November. But I that’s not a promise yet. :) It all depends a bit on how things go.

I hope I didn’t forget anything? Do you already have some favourite creations? Don’t hesitate to leave sweet comments on each other’s work! And please keep the contest fair. Votes are nice, but you can’t win only with tons of likes. The professional jury will do most of the work!

Then I only need to thank all participants for all the inspiration and of course I would like to thank the sponsors and jury too! THANKS THANKS THANKS! And now: enjoy the new blog. There’s a lot to explore!


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