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Contributors: Isabelle: back to the sixties

By 04/07/2016Blog

It’s time for a new contributor’s week! Before we started the series, we picked the themes. The Susanne week was supposed to be online about 2 months ago. But because we had to wait for the Art Gallery fabrics for the previous series, we had to postpone this one…

Therefore we end up sewing Susanne cardigans for summer, but that’s not really a big problem in Belgium. ;) Isabelle is the first one to show her beautiful creations. That’s right: creationSSS! As always Isabelle made several items. Two amazing Susanne cardigans and a mix & match dress to pair them with. I love everything about this blogpost! Thanks a lot for the inspiration Isabelle!!!


For our next challenge I made two Susanne cardigans matching a dress. Inspired by my pinterest board I made a sixties dress for my little girl.


By mixing two beautiful patterns : the Ileana Dress and the Louisa Dress ; I could recreate the vintage dress. For more information on the dress, check out my blogpost.


Because she likes to choose, I made a short and long version of the cardigan. The fabric of the long cardigan is a blue woven knit with glitter silver.


I finished the frontal seam with blue matching bias binding. The same one is used for the sleeves.




The fabric for the short version is a black and white jacquard knit with a geometrical print.


My fabric packages (from one of my favorite online stores ) are always neatly binded by lace ribbons, so I used one here under the bias binding. It gives a nice detail to the cardigan.




Pattern dress : Louisa Dress combined with the Ileana Dress.

Pattern cardigans : Susanne for kids.

Fabric for the cardigans : blue woven knit and a black/white jacquard, both from the Stoffenkamer.

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