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Contributors week #1: my creation

By Saturday,27 February,2016Blog

Obviously I’m closing down the first contributors week. Or maybe it wasn’t that obvious at all since I struggled with ill children and had to kind of rush to get this project finished in between the preparations of my next pattern launch. ;) Anyway… After the succes of my last jumpsuit (or as my kids call it: tee-pants), I had to make a 2nd one. That’s how it goes when you have twins!

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 1

This time I used a silk cotton by Cotton & steel. A super super super soft fabric. Not that easy to work with, but the result is extremely comfy to wear…

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 3

So I started all over with drawing a new pattern (lately I enjoy mixing my own patterns a lot!). This is a combination of the basic pants (that I drew for the Charles pants) combined with a longer version of the Ileana bodice. I didn’t add a zipper, but a functional button placket and a collar.

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 2

I’ve sewn a size 6 which is maybe one size too big but I hope that they will be able to wear this jumpsuit for two summers! For the same reason I didn’t hem. Again! ;) I used some old buttons from my stash that you can also see on this Lotta dress.

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 6

Five in total! Good counting job Nore! A stupid trick to make her stand still… ;)

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 5

Since we had terrible fotoshoot weather, Nore was allowed to stand, lay, dance,… on our new table. Of course she was extremely happy to do something that usually is forbidden. Her sister underneath the table was super jealous.

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 8

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 7

And nowadays we are struggling to make pictures with Lisa & Nore, but this time Nore had a great time. When I was making a close-up of the buttons, she was always trying to get her face on the picture. That’s why we ended with a funny faces series.

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 10

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 12

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 11

Compagnie-M_jumpsuit_ileana_charles_mix_match_cotton_steel 13

I hope you enjoyed my signature style post? I had a great time week with discovering all the contributors creations. :) I hope you did too? Thanks a lot Isabelle, Lara, Soumya, Sofie & Dorothée for this great first week. Next month we’ll be sewing several outfits with one great Art Gallery fabric. Stay tuned!

And tomorrow (or worst case on Monday) I can finally show you a first Susanne cardigan. Yes! I’m excited to get some feedback…. Enjoy your weekend!!!


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