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Contributors week #1: Soumya

By 24/02/2016Blog

Soumya’s blog was new to me at the time she participated in the contest. Her creations were so funny that I instantly fell in love with her style. I was especially surprised to see the result of her sewing adventures. She only started to sew last year, so I think she shows that Compagnie M. patterns are perfect for every level. Some people are just really talented. And that’s what I love most about the contributors. They present different styles, sewn with my patterns. Thanks Soumya! Make sure to check her blog because she made 2 Mara creations!


Hello! I am Soumya. I am so excited and thrilled to be a part of this Contributor series! Dank je wel, Marte!

When Marte mailed us asking to sew something in our ‘signature style’ for the first post, I was left thinking. Did I even have a signature style? You see, you never really think about these things until you have to!

But upon reflection I realized that I probably have a ‘everyday style’ vibe to my clothes. And since I have barely a year’s experience in sewing, I prefer to stay true to the patterns, making few changes :) So today I present to you something that is reminiscent of this style- the sweet and simple Mara nightgown!

Yes! The Mara practically runs from dawn to dusk! Don’t you just love how versatile it is!

The making

Anxious at first, I was soon smiling at how simple it was! There were only two changes to make:

  • Lengthen the dress version of Mara and add a gathered hem band. Marte has great instructions for adding length to the dress and also for the hem band.
  • Since I wanted mine to be a little vintage-y, I hemmed the sleeves along with a 1/4″ wide elastic so it would create a little ruffle. I hope that makes sense? You can see pictures of it on my blog.

I also made buttonholes instead of using button loops.


Because with the buttonholes, my machine would have to do all the work!  :P

That was an easy modification – just fold the facings down, topstitch and add buttonholes on one yoke.


V usually measures 2t for size and 4 for length. But since this was a nightgown, I sewed a size up – 3T.


It’s a good fit, don’t you think?


The fabric is a breezy handwoven, naturally-dyed cotton I picked up in India. In fact, I bought it from the very village where it was woven!


I really like how vintage-y it is! V said she feels like a fairy in it!

Personally, she reminds me of some yummy creamy mango smoothie in this Mara nightie. So before I go to scoop her up, I would like to give you a little preview of the other Mara I have sewn – the subtly stylish Springtime Mara!


Can you guess what it’s teamed up with? All details on my blog :)

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