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Copy paste: my first Spoonflower experiment

By 06/03/2017Blog

+++ update ++

Hello Simone asked me to remove the picture to the original dress so of course I respect their question and don’t display a picture of the original Hello Simone dress.

+++original blogpost +++

When I first saw this dress, I immediately fell in love with it. Such a beautiful fabric makes me long to summer. The dress is from a French brand: Hello Simone. If you have enough budget to spend on clothes, I can surely advice you to have a look at their website. They make such great children’s stuff. But when I checked the price of this beauty, I just knew that I could not spend 82euro on a dress for my girls.

But then I started realising: why not use Spoonflower to make a similar fabric and copy the dress for my girls? Olu learned me how to make designs for Spoonflower, but I hadn’t used my new knowledge yet. So this was my first test. I started drawing a similar fabric in Illustrator and uploaded the design to Spoonflower. Two weeks later the fabric arrived in my mailbox.

To sew this dress I used the Roller skate dress once again. It’s a different model from the dress above, but I din’t want to copy the dress 100%… My girls still fit in the 4yo size but I just keep adding length as they are already 124cm tall (and only just 6yo)!

And in the end I love the result. I ordered the cotton poplin ultra and the fabric is rather ‘sturdy’ but I must say that I didn’t wash the dress yet. At the moment it wrinkles super fast (I ironed the dress right before the photoshoot!), but I hope this will be solved too after washing the dress. That’s for today! I’ll update the post after she’s worn it again.

I’m happy with the quality of the print and how the colors turned out, but I’m not yet convinced on the fabric type I’ve chosen. I might have to pick another one next time. Let’s first see how it turns out after I washed it.

Lisa loves the new dress and she already got a lot of compliments about it, so I think it would be fair to thank ‘hello Simone’ for inspiring me.

(Of course I respect the original design and I will never commercialise this fabric. It was only for personal use.)

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