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Country charm Louisa

Hello! I am Soumya from a little paper boat. I am back with another Louisa!  My ‘Learning Louisa‘ gave me the courage to go one step further and try making a Louisa with contrast inserts. 

So here it is!

The fabric I used is Birch Organics Frolic Up & Away. It’s SO bright, lovely and cute! So to add a tad bit of rustic charm to the dress, I chose some beautiful blue chambray for the contrast inserts.

Now it’s the perfect outfit for my country girl! From apple picking to farm animal watching to jumping onto a heap of crunchy golden leaves – she loves to do it all in her ‘Elephanty’ as she calls it :)

(yea..she talks to this one too!)

Hope you like it as much as she does! You can see more pictures and read more about it on my blog:

Thank you very much!



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