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Drawing a pattern is one thing…

Drawing a pattern is one thing, but sometimes I have the feeling that it just starts here! From the 1st of October I will be selling my Mara blouse pattern for the first time and I just get a little nervous when I think of it…

One thing I still have to figure out is where to sell and promote my work. So that’s where I would like to ask your help. Of course I know Etsy and Craftsy, but I was just wondering: where do you expect me to sell the pattern elsewhere? Do you have a special platform in your country? Just let me know. It would be so useful for me!

And beside these ‘selling platforms’ or ‘marketplaces’ like Etsy calls it, do you know Facebook groups that you can recommend me to promote my pattern? I have seen in the past that Facebook is such a strong medium, only if you find the right groups… Which Facebook group should I join according to you? Maybe you also have tip and tricks to use other social media?

Last but not least, I think it would also be very useful to here about some experiences from bloggers that already sell patterns… Do you have tips & tricks? Should I use e-junkie, are there small tips on how to use Paypall and so on and so on…

Do you also have the impression that I’m rather excited but also nervous about launching my first pattern? Then just share your thoughts. I would love to here from you!


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