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Flat lay contest!

By 09/11/2017Blog

Between all the new projects, Vicky and I are still working on the photo book. Actually in this stage is’t mainly Vicky that is working on the layout and the pictures. I think it’s so so exciting. I didn’t see a preview of the book yet, so I’m as curious as you are to see the result. Vicky did share some pictures and oh my… they are so beautiful!

For these gorgeous images we went to Verbeke foundation on a super hot day. Actually it was way too hot for a photoshoot. I still don’t know how these kids could cooperate! But they did all so well. I think you recognise all the kids, right? They’s little stars in blogworld no?

Now for the last section of our book, Vicky and I would love to organise a small contest! One about flat lays. This will be a chapter in the book that we would love to document with your pictures. But how does it work?

Make a Compagnie M. related flat lay picture. It may include a finished garment, a detail of a garment, only patterns,…. Actually there are no rules at all apart from a link to Compagnie M. Even the big M. can be a nice inspiration for you to make a nice composition? Just thinking out loud now. You may take the picture with your camera or with a good smartphone.

This contest runs on Instagram. To participate you have to publish your picture before the 19th of November 9pm (CET +1 timezone). Add the hashtag #flatlaycontestcompagniem. This way we will be able to find your entries in an easy way? If you don’t have IG you may send me a pictures through email. The contest is open internationally and of course we will link to your IG account once the book has been published!

So what do you win? Your picture will be published in our book, you get a free copy of the book and you receive a 25euro Compagnie M. gift card. How does that sound? Now let’s hope that you are better at flat lays then I am? I admire people that make beautiful flat lays (or pictures in general), but I hardly every make flat lays myself. Success!


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