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Flip the pattern: time to vote!!

By 27/06/2014Blog, Contest

Today it’s time to vote for your favourite Charlie pattern flip! You can vote HERE! If you like my cache-coeur Chralie, I would be happy if you’d vote for my creation. :)

This is my original blogpost as it’s been published at FrancesSuzanne earlier this week:

Compagnie-M_Charlie_flip_the_pattern 6

On the one hand I’ve chosen to make a very subtle flip. I didn’t want to change the original lines of the pattern too much as they are of course the main characteristics of the Charlie… Turning the shirt into a dress was one option, but that’s what I’ve already done with her Theo pattern. So I really wanted to try something different this time.

Compagnie-M_Charlie_flip_the_pattern 1

On the other hand, I wanted to turn the Charlie into a girl’s style pattern, since I only have 2 girls… So the idea of flipping it into a cache-coeur shirt was quickly made (before I even subscribed…)! I studied the original shape of the front collar very well and kept the original lines, but split it into two front parts.

Compagnie-M_Charlie_flip_the_pattern 4

I always wait to sew something until I have this a-ha moment where I find a fabric that matches a pattern perfectly! Eureka! When I saw this fabric at Pieke Wieke, my fingers started to tingle and in my mind the flipped Charlie was born. The unique thing about this fabric is that it’s different on the front & back side: I could combine small and wider stripes in one Charlie, just by using one piece of fabric. Since the Charlie is fully lined, I picked this blue one for finishing the inside!

Compagnie-M_Charlie_flip_the_pattern 2

I was a little bit in a hurry to finish my flip (have been ill), that’s why I’ve chosen orange thread (from my stock) for sewing the whole shirt. A challenge with this blue lining, but it has turned out perfectly. Also matching all the strips, was a nice challenge, but with enough pins and patience I’ve succeeded to match them all. These little things makes me so happy when I’ve finished a garment. :)

Compagnie-M_Charlie_flip_the_pattern 5

To accentuate the asymmetrical design, I’ve added 3 buttons at the front. Blue with orange thread. Again!

Compagnie-M_Charlie_flip_the_pattern 3

The pattern contains a short and long sleeve option but since my outer knit fabric was rather thick, I’ve chosen to add long sleeves and to keep this shirt for autumn! And I’m glad I did, because although I’ve sewn a 3Y for my 3,5YO girls, it’s still little bit too big. So by the time Lisa will wear her new Charlie, it will be perfect!

Compagnie-M_Charlie_flip_the_pattern 7

Lisa loves her new Charlie and I’m pretty sure that this will not be the last one I’m sewing!

If you like my flip, I could use your vote. Just hop over to FrancesSuzanne!

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  • Van Laere An says:

    Waw heel mooi! Nog een patroontje dat zal verschijnen ;-) …?

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Nee hoor. Dit is de Charlie van Zonen09. Ik kan wel eens aan Sharon vragen of ik een korte tutorial mag schrijven over hoe je dit zelf aanpast? M

      • Van Laere An says:

        Oh dat zou leuk zijn! Ik ga de charlie ook bestellen…

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