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Free Friday: a completely new remix tutorial for you!

By 02/10/2015Blog

I’m doing what I wanted to do for a long time already: writing some free stuff. Just for you. To thank you. I hope you like my preparations for the free stuff page? It made me end up with a dress that became one of my personal Compagnie M. creations ever. I think Lisa is super cute with this one. I was drooling over this fabric for a long time already and in the end, sales just made me buy it. How happy I am with that decision. I’m a very difficult person when it comes to buying fabrics, but in the end I’m most of the time more than 100% happy that I did. :)

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 6

This dress is a pattern hack that you just don’t recognise anymore. (One I don’t expect in my sewing contest by the way since I’m hoping for recognisable garments like the Charles dress.) A completely new pattern in fact. But when you have these Compagnie M. patterns, you can make this one yourself: the Louisa, Nina & Ileana is all you need. The tutorial in Dutch and English is for free. The new shoulder straps too. Hooray for free stuff.

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 15

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 10

I’ve sewn this dress about 3 weeks ago, so I’m happy that I finally found the time to take pictures with my girls. Too many pictures… I know, but I’m just in love with Lisa, her new dress and glasses. There we go!

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 16

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 2

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 11

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 1

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 14

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 5

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 4

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 3

Compagnie-M_Louisa-Ileana-Nina-mix- 9

The last picture is just too cute: she was playing with a ladybug, that kept flying to her nose. :) Not a perfect picture, but a sweet memory!

By the way: I bought these Zara sneakers for the girls online, but they turned out to be too small… Size 28/29 in an almost perfect condition (only worn for photoshoots). 15euro and they’re yours. (Sorry for the sales spam!)

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