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Free stuff!

By 13/03/2017Blog

I’ve been working for Compagnie M. about 3,5 years now and in this period I’ve written some free stuff. On reason or the other I never gathered all this interesting extras on one page. Till next week! It’s just so nice to see all these tutorials and extra free pattern pieces together. Hopefully it helps you to find your way to for example a Julia or Charles dress or to learn some new sewing techniques…

And the great news: I don’t only share my tutorials. For example Laurence shared a free hood (1 – 6yo) to make your own bathrobe starting from the Frederique dress. Isn’t this great news? So from now one you will find all free tutorials written for Compagnie M. patterns on this page. Can you for example also remember this one? It’s been on my to-sew-list forever and I will surely tick it off one day! Dorothee is the inventor of this upside-down Louisa! And did anyone try the free collar yet? It was a great idea by Isabelle. But until now I didn’t use it yet…Shame on me. You can use it on the Louisa and Ileana dress! Download the new pattern piece for free.

Did you ever write a tutorial starting from my patterns? Just leave a comment below and I’ll surely include a link to your blog!

And if you look really close to the main menu of my website, you can spot another new page: the Mix & Match options. I think I’m still the only pattern company offering so many options to mix & match my patterns (correct me if I’m wrong!). Have a close look at this page, because the possibilities are endless!


Enjoy the free stuff! And if you ever want me to write a specific tutorial, just let me know. :)

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