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Ok, since this is an international contest, I’m gonna write for the first time in my bloglife in English (so please excuse my grammar).

I proudly present to you: my very first Stella ever! Ever since the beginning, I fell in love with this pattern. Simple, with an edge. I like edges!
It’s the contrasts that make it so special: ruffles or no ruffles, even fabrics or patterned fabric, so many options. I am a “pleats”lady rather than a “ruffles”girl so my twist to the original pattern was quickly chosen: I kept the same sized front piece, but devided it in 3 wide pleats instead of the ruffles.
This fabric with boots seemed perfect for this project. I found a matching kobaltblue velvet in my cupboard. And yes, details do matter: (from left to right:) a not so very invisible but color-matching zipper / piping made with the boots-fabric for a playful accent my very own labelbuttons to hold the elastic / contrasting inside waistband My daughter loves it. I hope you do too?

More info and more pictures to be found on my blog (in Dutch):


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