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Germany… are you ready for a big action!?

By 03/05/2017Blog

Germany kind of discovered my patterns. Hooray. I have more and more German followers and that’s why it was about time to think of a crazy action specially for the German seamstresses. I filled 3 big boxes with my 19 paper patterns (3 x 19 = 57 patterns!). That’s a lot right? These 3 boxes will be travelling through Germany the coming 4 months. Really! I’m crazy I know.

What’s so nice about this action is that I only know who will kick of the tour but I don’t know where the boxes will travel too. I selected 3 amazing German bloggers and they just blogged together with me. In a first blogpost they explain the idea in detail. This is basically how it works. They picked one pattern from the box that they can keep. The rest of the box will be send to another blogger. They will blog about the pattern about 3 weeks after they received the box.

So in this first blogpost they’ll added a list of the remaining patterns. Because the number of patterns will drop every time the box has been passed to a new blogger. In this same blogpost they asked new bloggers to apply to receive the box. They will decide for themselves to which blogger they will pass the box. So I have no idea where it will end up. The only thing I know is that the boxes will stay within Germany. The next blogger takes out a pattern again and sends the box to a next applicant. And so on and so on….

Apart from the patterns, the box includes a notebook with the explanation on how the action works. But it’s also a diary. Everyone that receives the box, can write something small in this notebook.

It includes a big map from Germany too. On this map the blogger will connect they hometowns with lines and add a number. In every blogpost they next blogger will include a picture of the map. This way we can all follow where the boxes have already been travelling to.

Last but not least, the bloggers can add a small present for the next blogger and they will add something for me too. Something really small: some buttons, a piece of ribbon or some sweets from their region. Everything is ok. Oh I can’t wait for the box to arrive at my place again. But that will take about 4 months! I will blog about the action from time to time, but you can also follow it on Instagram with the hashtag #compagniemtour. Easy right?

I prepared the boxes a while ago and I took them with me to H+H in Cologne. A German fair where I had the chance to meet a big group of German blogger. All thanks to Annika. Thanks a lot my dear friend to invite me for diner. I loved this night out!

So Annika is of course one of the first persons to kick off the action. She is accompanied by Kerstin and Katharina (aka Kathi). Both ladies where sitting next to me and I loved talking to them so much! I didn’t know them in person yet, but they were so kind to me. Can you imagine about 20 German bloggers talking in German to each other in a rather noisy restaurant and me trying to follow their conversations? It was so exhausting and interesting at the same time. I just couldn’t stop thinking of them when I had the drive home late in the evening. What a special day!

I will write an update on my website from time to time and share some of the creations on Instagram on my Inspiration account. Can’t wait to see what they all be sewing. When this action is a succes I might repeat it again next spring in another country (or two). Who knows? Enjoy the #compagniemtour

Thanks Annika, Kerstin and Kathi to kick of this action together with me! I’m so looking forward to discover the next bloggers. If you are from Germany, you have a blog and would love to be part of this experience, make sure to apply on their blogs. Enjoy!

(I used the pictures from Kathi & Kerstin in this blogpost as I had to complete the boxes rather late and had no proper light to make them myself. Thanks ladies for the approval.)

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  • Hi Marte,

    it was such a pleasure to meet you in Cologne. It was nice talking to you in person and dusting off my rusty English :-)
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity to be part of this blogtour. It’s fun and I already finished my sewing. Can’t wait to show it ;-)
    But first of course I am very excited about who will get the box next.


    • Compagnie M. says:

      Oh I was so happy that you practised your English together with me. :) It’s really good! (Not that I’m the person to judge! hihi!) I hope to meet you all again next year. M x

  • Wat een geweldig idee!!! Ik wil dat ook! :)

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Ja ik denk dat het onvermijdelijk is dat ik het ooit eens in België doe. Laat ons eerst eens afwachten hoe dit in Duitsland loopt. Dan reizen er binnenkort nog meer boxen rond denk ik. Hoewel het niet echt bepaald een goedkope actie is voor mij. 57 patronen kosten wel wat. Dus hopelijk creëert het wat buzz… ;)

  • delphine says:

    Oooh dat is echt een zot maar oooh zo leuk idee!

  • Elke says:

    Great idea!

  • Nathalie V says:

    Waw dat is een tof idee. Alleen spijtig dat het niet hier is …
    Het wordt altijd moeilijker om nog iets origineels te bedenken. Mystery blog tour : zo kan je nog eens uitkomen bij iemand die je nog niet kent.
    Ik wens nu dat mijn Duits beter was en ik al die Duitse blogs kon lezen ;-)

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Nee ik weet het. Maar zeg nooit nooit! Ik had even het gevoel dat alle Belgen al genoeg Compagnie M. zien en dat het in Duitsland voor de lezers daar vernieuwender zou zijn. Zoiets. Snap je!? En die Duitse blogs zijn heel eenvoudig te volgen als je Google Translate gebruikt. Ik doe dat zo. En soms kijk ik stiekem ook alleen naar de foto’s. ;)

  • Barbara says:

    hoe tof is dat zeg!! Geweldig! zo een origineel idee! Ik denk dat je wel gelijk hebt dat het effect in een ‘nieuw’ land groter zal zijn. Ik hoop het en duim mee! Ik woon nu in Amerika en misschien zouden ze hier ook wel eens wat meer Compagnie M patronen mogen ontdekken! Ik heb je alleszins getipt aan een supertoffe naaiwinkel hier in de buurt (de Sew Stitch Shop). Ze keken raar toen ik het had over belgische patroonontwerpers, maar ik heb achteraf toch nog eens gemaild om de namen door te geven :-) Heel stiekem hoop ik dat ze toch eens zijn gaan kijken bij jou en misschien meer dan dat… In elk geval succes ermee!! Instagram heb ik niet (ik blijf volharden), maar naar de blogposts erover kijk ik nu al uit!

  • Suuuupertof idee!

  • Fredi says:

    Such a cool idea! I’m curious where your box will be sent in Germany withing this tour ;)

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